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How to add password to PDF files

PDF file is of reliable and loyalty to author. Everyone can freely view it in a PDF reader but is not able to directly change any part of the file. It’s also one of the most widely used file types for electronic info exchange. Besides, you need to know another feature to enhance PDF security is that you can add password to PDF.

Now another influential document Ms Word 2007/2010 has supported to natively “save as” PDF files. This is really a well-liked coordination between them thus it’s more convenient for us to create PDF file from Word document with several clicks.

But have you found that there is no option for adding password to PDF file in available settings of Ms Office?

You shouldn’t consider this is the defect of the add-in PDF Creator of Ms Word program. In another word, you have benefited much from easy PDF creation for any Ms Office documents.

Yet how to add password to PDF files is still a problem for people. Below is an example for this issue:
I have some adobe PDF files on my computer that I created out of Microsoft Word files. Can I add security to PDF files to protect them from copying and accessing? How to? Thank you in advance.

Before offering you some workable solutions, I want to make you know about the two types of PDF security.

One type is permission password that restricts PDFs from copying, printing, modifying, merging, etc.
Another type is open password that prevents unauthorized viewers from opening it.

Then you will clear that you are capable of adding password to PDF documents from any one of them or even both to guarantee your file is safe for transmitting across web.

Actually there are two ways to add password to PDF and accordingly you will be able to add password to existing PDF or achieve it while creating a new file.

add password to PDF


Usually it’s more difficult to secure a generated PDF file but here you will get a smart PDF editor to gain you this ability and more.

PDF editor Download PDF Editor now.

Now you just need to put your file in it and find right options to add security to PDF documents instantly and effortlessly.

What’s more, even for a secured PDF file, if you have the origin password then you can unlock it and edit the PDF security at your own will.

Follow the quick tutorial to add security to PDF files that already created with PDF editor:

Free download a PDF Editor then install and set up it. You can choose professional or standard mode flexibly.

1. Import your PDF file from local disk by clicking fold open tab or file>open options.

2. Click Document > Security and you can specify:
Security level , open password/permission password, detailed permitted items

3. Hit “OK” and click save icon and you are done.

Of course, just feel easy as you adding password to PDF to change password of a protected PDF document. Entering the password to unlock PDF files or replace the security settings.

Alternatively, you are allowed to avoid the problem of how to add password to PDF when creating with a professional PDF Creator.

The precise instructions you can go to password protect PDF files with PDF Creator.

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