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Today my friend asked me that how to attach PDF file to the existing PDF file, so that the pertinent contents would appear in the same directory of one PDF file at the end.

A great feature of PDF file that it likes a container of multiple document formats and pages is extensively understood. So a lot of files people are leaning to archiving in PDF format. But after you have made the PDF file, the “container” will encapsulate all the pages in it.

That is to say, you are not able to append PDF files to another directly. Let’s cut to the chase here, the article will cover the issue about how to add PDF files even specific pages to existing PDF document.

If you search the answer in Internet, you probably get a couple of methods to achieve this.

However, the PDF Merger is the best and only answer that designed to add PDF files together.

add PDF files Download the PDF Merger

How to append PDF file to the existing PDF file with the PDF Merger tutorial:

Download and install PDF Merger, launch it to open the main interface.

Step 1: Click “Add files” to import the PDF files from your PC. The related information of files will show next to them.

add PDF files

Step 2: Choose a PDF file and click the “Method” icon or double click it to open the window below. Then you can specify the options and select a merge method to add PDF files together.

Step 3: After all the files are correctly set, remember to choose a file name and destination folder for your new file. Finally, click the big button “Merge” to apply all the settings and you will add PDF files together within seconds.

Why the PDF Merger is the most appropriate tool to attach PDF file?

  • It will automatically add PDF files together for you up to hundreds of files-batch merge you files at each time.
  • You can flexible combine PDF files with it-multiple merging methods are included:

Attach PDF file to another alternately- it allows you to mix all the files in turn or divide them into parts base on the specified number you defined then attach alternatively. And you can select page range (All, Odd, Even, Part e.g. 4, 5, 7-13,) and page sort (Sequence, Reverse), they are optional.

Extract the desired pages of one file- it enables you to get parts of the file and make a new one.

Add PDF files together by the specific page range of them- you can combine different pages of a large chunk of PDF files simultaneously into one.

  • You can even append PDF files that are encrypted: The PDF Merger will merge the owner-password PDF files without any questions. It decrypts it and process instantly. For the user-password PDF files, you need to type in the password and it will merge them right away.
  • It will preserve the data entirety after merging- attach PDF file to another will end up with a file that keeps the content and properties of original intact.
  • It’s a standalone and desktop program- it don’t need PDF reader to support and you can use it whether you can get access to internet or not.

append PDF files

Isn’t it as easy as pie to attach PDF file to another with a professional PDF Merger? You don’t need extra explanation to master it. It’s an intuitive and customized tool gain you capable of managing your PDF files.

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    I knon there is a way to add PDF files together, but I havn’t found a program like it. It enables me to combine my files in multiple way, even alternately mix them. It wow me, now i can easier sort out the files for any purposes.

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