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How to add text to PDF

Whenever users are in need to opt for a reliable media to transit their information online, PDF format is a popular choice. However, the identity of PDF file is that it cannot be modified easily, though this is helpful to maintain the data integrity.

If you’ve ever had the case that you need to add text to PDF file maybe between the contexts or under an image or to fill out a form field after you’ve created or receiving from others. This is an embarrass moment to add text to a PDF when you aware of the read-only feature of PDF files. 

Thus, the questions are frequently asked about how to add text to a PDF by people, as following:

How to add text to existing PDF file?
I was emailed a rental application in PDF form and I need to fill out and email it back. I can’t figure out how to add text to a PDF. I just have Acrobat 9 on my PC. When I open it I can read it but that seems to be all. What tool can I turn to? -Armando

You can use the “Typewriter” tool in Acrobat 9. Open the PDF document to be added text to in Adobe Acrobat and click the “Tools” menu. Select “Typewriter” icon in the toolbar and you can click any areas on a PDF page and start typing to add text to PDF document. Hit “Enter” if you want to move to the next line.

While the problem is that you’re limited to your system’s default font type. You can change the font size, increase or decrease the line spacing, and style with the Properties toolbar. But there’s no way to change the typeface itself when add text to PDF file with common “Typewriter” tool in lack of source font. Thus, the text you type appear in printout won’t like the rest of text.

Actually, you can add text to a PDF seamlessly in lack of original file with the PDF editor.

PDF editor Download the PDF editor

For example, fill out a PDF application then print it in the way without any alteration of typeface.

How to add text to a PDF with PDF editor?

Firstly, you need to download and install the PDF editor then run it.

Secondly, open the target PDF file in the pop up interface. Click the “T” icon in the toolbar to add text to PDF file with the text edit function. A “cross” will appear and you can choose the area by creating a box to enclose it. Then you can add text to existing PDF anywhere you like. The manipulation is easy to master and no different from you do in a Word Processor.

The PDF editor will recognize the typeface of original file initially when you click in the text area, and you can directly add text to PDF document with the original font type.

In addition to that you are enabled to do more about PDF text, modify the selected text’s color, size, typeface, horizontal alignment, and style (bold, italic, underlines, etc), move, delete the existing text and highlight, underline and strikeout text are included as well.

Thirdly, save the modified PDF file.

What’s more it also empowers you to set password to your PDF file to protect it from copying, printing and editing after modification.

See, with the PDF editor you are in totally control of the PDF text. To add text to a PDF will be a piece of cake.

If you want to add text to the password-protected PDF files, you can use the PDF Password Remover  to unlock it firstly.

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