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PDF files succeed in fulfilling people’s intact reading needs on whatever applications and operation systems. You don’t need to worry about incompatible issue for reading the content in PDF documents. It is worldwide and open standard file format now. Most product instructions, job applications, order forms, etc are in form of PDF. With PDF reading software, you will be in position to view PDF files.

What PDF reader you are using now? Does it work well to display PDF files clearly and smoothly? Actually there are many good PDF readers which have more flexible functions in addition to reading files. This article I will offer you some recommendations of best free PDF reader to help you access and view PDF in easy way with ideal effect.

PDF Reading Trick:

When you need to go over a wide array of PDF pages in short time, actually you can convert PDF to flash flip book, and then use Flash player to view file with automatic Page flip effect.  

PDF-XChange Viewer

It’s very smooth and stable for both new and old users to view PDF content. In free PDF-XChange Viewer, PDFs are good in clarity and navigation. Either you can search for preferred pages and keywords to read.

It can display interactive PDF form well, and also supports fill in and save forms. The user interface with intuitive options looks much like Adobe Acrobat Reader. It offers you super easy way to annotate, commenting, highlight and some other convenient ways to mark up file. More in depth, you are allowed to remove and add PDF pages, or assemble PDF files.

PDF-XChange Viewer can be the top free PDF viewer as the alternative to Acrobat Reader. If you find any useful information online, you can convert web page into PDF for later freely reference.

System Required: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Adobe PDF Reader

Since Adobe Corporate is the creator of PDF format, Adobe PDF Reader well-reasoned becomes the most well-known PDF Reader for viewing PDF files. It is basic as well as important PDF reader for newcomers and regular users. It gives you ability to access almost all PDF files which contains various types of content, such as, spreadsheet, images, diagrams, and even multimedia elements.

You can make sticky notes and highlight text easily, yet, it’s easy to print PDF documents with all the content well preserved. By thumbnail or entering keywords, it will quickly switch to desired place or page within PDF file.

Tip: Any problems or questions about PDF and Adobe reader, you can look for help on Adobe Forum. There you will find answers of many common or difficult questions.

Operation System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7

Foxit PDF Reader

A large number of people are using this PDF reader, taking advantage of its good features like lightweight, fast, good rendering. If your PDF files get crashed in Adobe Reader, pick up Foxit Reader to view it right away. Since it uses little memory while displaying files, and loads files fast without lag. With a user-oriented interface, you can customize the toolbar. Still, the collaboration features like annotations, form-filling, and text adding. It

Apart from Adobe Reader, Foxit PDF Reader can be the second best PDF reader for windows.

Tip: In the installation process, you should uncheck or check to choose the add-on for Mozilla FireFox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. Otherwise, you will get unwanted toolbars.

Applicable system: Windows XP/Vista/7(23, 64 bit)

Nitro PDF Reader

Nitro PDF Reader is comprehensive free PDF reading software, that all the features of a normal PDF reader you expect are included and more. You can zoom, move, rotate pages and markup text, add note, commenting.

The interface looks like the Microsoft Word ribbon-style interface, and you just customize the toolbar to pick out your most commonly used tools. All the options are clear to show functions. It owns many excellent functions which are features of shareware, including drag and drop PDF creation, extract text and image from pages, electronic signature, directly type text on PDF page. Nitro PDF Reader is free but works well for all these additional editing functions.

Operation System: Windows XP/Vista/7

Tip: There is another method to edit PDF file as you want, that is to export PDF to Word document for editing.

Sumatra PDF Viewer

If you prefer super simple PDF reader, then this is a lightweight one that will be the best free PDF reader for you. No extra frills and unwanted features to slow down the loading of viewing PDF. Sumatra PDF reader can open PDF files from webpage extremely fast, choose view PDF document in full screen or book style or presentation mode.

Sumatra PDF Reader will be the top free PDF viewer for reading PDF eBook and portable PDF reading. If you have series eBooks, you can combine PDF files for reading them altogether.

Workable Operation System: Windows XP/2000/Vista/7

Nuance PDF Reader

A set of tools are placed around the interface, they are all ready for helping you to read content more clearly and easily, and make related marks, highlight upon PDF pages. This is another multi-functional PDF Reader for not only viewing purpose.

The accurate and effective search can return the tiny character which you want to search. It supports view PDF file with media content well, that you can view Microsoft silverlight video or listen to MP3 music. If you have PDF formatted engineering drawings, it can view them by multiple layers.

System Requirements: Windows XP (32-bit)/Vista/7(2-bit or 64-bit)

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