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How to change font in PDF

A PDF file does so well in preserving author’s original document. If you know one thing then you will understand its advantage whilst sometimes it’s also drawback.  

In the process of PDF creation, you can choose to embed fonts to prevent substitution even recipient’s computer lack of this font. It can also be treated as the reason that why you can’t change font type in PDF directly.

However, in many cases, being able to change font in PDF file is in strong demand for some purposes like corrections or adjustments.

Examples are many, below is one of them I pick from a forum:

Hello everyone,
I enjoy reading eBook on iPad which I bought weeks ago. My only problem is that when I read PDFs I have to put up with relative smaller font size but I have a bad sight and my eyes get tired quickly. So I am wondering how to change font size in PDF eBook for easy and clear reading. Thank you in advance.-From Betty

And for filling in a PDF form, you may also need to make changes to text size, because the text you typed in can’t automatically resize to fit in blanks, it may either too big or too small.

Again I can definitely tell you that you aren’t able to change font in PDF files when view them in any versions of Adobe reader.

For easier reading without perfect eyesight on portable wireless devices, you can also zoom in your file although it’s annoying step you need to repeat many times. Alternatively, you can convert PDF to ePub format for optimized reading experience.

Fortunately, here you can find a fundamental solution to fulfill all above needs and also including change font color in PDF or modify existing text.

change font size in PDF

Download PDF Editor Download a PDF Editor now (Win OS and Mac OS X)

With it you will be enabled to change font in PDF document as easily as you do in Ms Word processor. There is a set of tools for you to take care of different aspects of font modification. Hundreds of font type available, font size and color are flexibly to change.
What’s more, in addition to change font type in PDF file or others, you are also allowed to add or delete existing text of original PDFs and change the placement of words or sentences.

Many explanations still can’t be better than an experience of your own.

Below is the detailed tutorial of how to change font size in PDF documents directly with the PDF Editor:

The first thing you have to do is to download and install PDF editor and then launch it. Then there’re three behave modes of the editor that you can choose according to your need, they are professional, standard and form filling modes.

Step 1: On the navigation, click “File” > “Open” to select a PDF file from your PC or alternatively press “ctrl + O” to do so. For convenient editing to change font color in PDF or anything else, there are zoom in/out and page turning bar to use.

Step 2: Find the “Text edit tool” in the toolbar and then you can start to change font size in PDF pages and modify existing text.

change font in PDF

Feel easy to edit the text. Such features like double clicking on a sentence to highlight and select it and it will detect the text for direct editing.
You can use “object fill” to change font color in PDF file and it will parse the available colors and offer grayscale, HSB, RGB, CMYK sliders to specify color as you want.

Step 3: Click “Save” icon or “Ctrl + S” to save your changes in PDF directly.

Of course, you can also fill out PDF forms and if you have the password you can change the PDF security. If your file is protected by a modify password, you can break PDF password at first then freely change font in PDF to a bigger size for legible printing or viewing documents with the PDF editor.

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    You could also give “Good Reader” a try, it’s literally the best ebook reader you can find out there, and one of its main features is to crop out the page.
    That almost always solves the small font size problem for me, permanently.

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