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How to change PDF to text

Adobe PDF format allows owners to distribute documents that appear identical on different operating systems. It has been an indispensable and inevitable format can be used freely, by anyone, for any purpose. Although the highlight versatile feature works well, the read-only feature makes it difficult to reuse or change.

Thus, more and more people ask about how to change PDF to text for editing, for example:

Can I change PDF to text file?
I saved a PDF file to my desktop. I want to copy and paste some of the text from that file into a regular text file. Is there any way allow me to change PDF into text for reuse?

Fortunately, you can work around this issue easily with the PDF to Text converter.

It allows you to change PDF to text in an intuitive interactive GUI with customize options to be set and several clicks involved before you get the converted editable text files.

change PDF to text  Download the PDF to Text Converter

PDF to Text Converter key features:

  • Change PDF into text accurately preserving the original page layout of PDF
  • Change the scanned PDF files or image-based PDF files to text
  • Standalone without any PDF reader like Adobe and can be used offline
  • Support to change PDF to text from password protected PDF documents
  • Support to extract text from PDF for conversion
  • Automatically align the text columns in table
  • Support to batch convert multiple PDF documents to text files
  • Support command line operation (manual use or reuse in scripts)

Tips and tutorial about how to change PDF to text with the PDF to Text Converter:

Step one: Download and install PDF to Text (txt) Converter then launch it.

Step two: Click the “Add files” button to import the PDF you want and choose Text as the output format. And type in the page range if needed. Then specify the output address in local disc.

change PDF into text

Step three: Click “Convert” icon to start conversion, all the PDF files will be converted to Text in a while. A window will pop up leading to the converted Text files.

Are you clear about changing PDF to text now? Just three steps to go, the PDF to Text Converter offer an easy access for both novice users and professional users to change PDF to text file for editing. Make it easier for you to extract, paste, and edit PDF files as you want.

Other solution to change PDF to txt for your referring:

Open PDF you want in the Adobe Acrobat window, then click the “File” and “Save Copy as” in the drop down tool bar. Then choose the wanted PDF file from the local folder. You can save the PDF as text files. However this add-in function usually can’t retain the formatting. What’s worse, if it’s a scanned PDF, the output quality is even lower.

So changing PDF to text with the PDF to Text Converter will be the best solution available.

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  1. ed Said,

    will this work with japanese?

  2. Yolanda Reply:

    Yes, it will preserve the fonts of the original PDF files in the converted TXT documents.

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