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Easy ways to change text in a PDF file

You may carry many PDF eBooks with portable reading devices like iPad, Sony Reader for casual reading, or get PDF documents from your teachers, boss, colleague and friends. For some reasons, you perhaps need to change text in a PDF file. However, PDF files are pretty suitable and easy for reading and printing rather than editing.

change text in a PDF file

Open the PDF file with PDF reader, you can scroll up and down to view page, or switch to certain part of a multi-page PDF file. Sometimes, you can even copy text from PDF by simply picking out wanted text and right-click then choose “copy”. But there is no option or tool for you to change text in PDF document.

The non-editable feature is the outstanding advantage of PDF format. Yet, it will be a big obstacle when you want to change text color in PDF or other font properties like size, font style and so on.


It is relative easy to change text in a PDF file providing that you have the source file

If you can get the source document of PDFs, like Word doc or text, it will be easy task to edit the text for printing purpose, or recreate a new PDF file for distribution or archiving.

In many cases, it’s just difficult for you to obtain and find the PDF source files, or you probably are lack of proper PDF Creation tool to export to PDF files again.

Hence, PDF editor will be the best choice for you to change text in PDF document without any extra tools

 Free Download PDF Editor now

This professional PDF editing software is able to make a PDF file editable, so that you can change text size in PDF and other aspects of text conveniently as you do in Ms Word. There are far more tools and features to help you modify, change and manage text as your needs.

How to change text color in PDF and other text properties tutorial

1. Download this PDF editor, and install then set up it. You will get three editing modes-professional, standard and form-filling.
The former two are all suitable for changing PDF text, randomly choose one. Surely, if you want to fill in a PDF form, just choose the last mode.

2. Import your PDF file by clicking the open file icon or “Ctrl + O”.

3. Once you input the PDF document, the text edit tool will be instantly enabled by default.
And you will see multiple text modify features like, font size, typeface, bold, italic, align, underline and fill color.
Thus, just select text that you want to edit and work with all those handy tools to change text in PDF document effortlessly.

change text in PDF document

What’s more, apart from the advantage to enable you to change text in a PDF file directly, there is another gratified features is that the type and size of the text you add will fit in text around it. In another word, any changes to the PDF file will be seamlessly combined with original content.

See, there are no PDF to word conversion, no manually copy and paste from PDF files, no data loss. With it, you can change text size in PDF for clearer viewing, modify color to mark up important sentence. PDF editor is what you need.

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