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Combine multiple PDF files

PDF format has been the most preferred way for viewing, printing and sharing information since it was introduced by Adobe corporate in 1990. It is consistent the same that every time you read or print. 

Thus a bunch of documents may have been archived as PDF format in your PC or you may want to distribute many PDF files at one time. However, it seems bothersome to manage them in many circumstances. Then you perhaps demand combine multiple PDF files.
The almighty adobe acrobat will be a good solution and you can easily merge multiple PDF files into one with it. But what if you don’t have one?

Actually you are able to combine PDF documents into one with a PDF Creator installed as a virtual printer.

Below is precise guidance to combine multiple PDF files with PDF Creator.

1.Open all the PDF files that you want to merge in PDF reader.
2.Find the first file, click File-> Print and select PDF creator as virtual printer then click print.
3.A print dialog box will appear and you set the options such as print range. Then select “Wait Collate” and it will be loaded into the PDF creator queue.
4.Open the next file and repeat above steps until the last file in the order you want.
5.The Print Monitor of the PDF creator will present a list of all files. Go to menu bar and select “Document Merge” to finally combine PDF documents into one.

This method is a plus of PDF creator providing that there are not many files to be merged, as it involves a little more manual manipulations and time consumption. When you need to combine multiple PDF files in bulk, you may still wander is there any automated and diverse way to do so?

Thus the PDF Merger will be a complete solution to efficiently merge multiple PDF files into one.

PDF Merger Download the PDF Merger.

Why the PDF merger is the best answer?

  • It is specialize in combining and joining PDF files- provides you with flexible merge rules and batch combine multiple PDF files at one time up to hundreds quantities.

You are capable of merging in these ways:

1.Combine PDF documents into one or specific pages of them.
2.Extract desired pages of one single PDF file to a new one.
3.Merge all PDF files alternately or divide the imported PDF files to (n) parts then mix alternatively.

  • Self-description interface- you will get the points to next step from the interactive interface without extra explanation.
  • Combine password-protected PDF files- for owner password files, it will decrypt them and process without any questions. For user password, you need to offer the password and it will combine PDF files instantly.

How to combine multiple PDF files with PDF Merger?

The first thing you have to do is to download and install PDF Merger then launch it. An intuitive interface will pop up.

Step 1: Press “Add files” icon to upload the files into it or directly drag into the list. The general information of files will appear.

Step 2: Opt for a PDF file and click the “Method” icon in the toolbar or double click the file to select a merge method.

Step 3: Choose a file name pattern or customize one and saving place in your PC of the new merged PDF file. Finally press “Merge” button then it will automatically combine PDF documents into one for you.

Now you must have cleared the most effortless way to merge multiple PDF files into one and gain ability to do so with the PDF Merger. Hence, next time collect mass PDF files will not be a hassle for you.

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