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How to combine PDF files

Such a file format PDF will be felt when it happened that diverse file formats to be created from for transmitting across different platforms or applications. As it has great compatibility and can exist without technology barriers.

You must have found that most of files sent to you are in PDF form. However, you may not need all the parts of them and want to make it easier to handle. Thus in many cases, combine PDF files will simplify workload and save time for classifying. As we know, PDF pages can’t be added or removed directly. So you may question how to combine PDF files subsequently.

Here I want to explore the ways to combine PDF files into one. Keep reading ahead to know feasible way you can go.

Actually if you have Adobe Acrobat, you are able to combine PDF files step by step as following:

1. Run the Adobe Acrobat program and choose “Create PDF” -> “From Multiple Files”
2. A window will pop up. Click “Browse” in the “Add Files” area to locate PDF files to the blank visible compiling district.
3. The file order will be edited after you finish adding all the files, you can move them up/down until it represents the order you want them to combine.
4. When you are done, click “Ok” and the files will be combined.
5. Finally you will combine PDF files into one. Remember to save the new file in specified folder.

It’s useful if you just want to combine PDF files. However it may not the cat’s whiskers when you need to extract the desired pages of PDF files to a new one.

If you want to combine PDF files in all possible ways, the PDF Merger will be the top choice without file amount or size limitations.

combine PDF files Download the PDF Merger.

How to combine PDF files step by step tutorial:

Free download and install the PDF Merger then set up it.

Step one: Import the PDF files you want to merge by clicking the “Add files” button and the status of files will show you.
You can change the order of files in the list and delete it by the buttons “Remove”, “Clear”, “Up” and “Down” at bottom edge.

Step two: Click on a PDF file or double click it to open below window.

And you can customize the following details to combine PDF files into one as you want:
Select specific page range-All, Odd, Even, Part (e. g 5-9, 11)
Select the page order-Sequence or Reverse
Combine all files alternately- Mix by every n page is to divide selected file into several parts base on the specific number or just repeat with other PDF files.

how to combine PDF files

Correctly set the options then you can combine PDF files in these ways:
Extract specific pages within one PDF file to create a new one.
Merge different pages from multiple PDF files into one.
Combine PDF files alternatively as your specified rules.

Step three: Select a file name pattern or offer one. And define a destination folder for the new file by clicking the “Browse” button or “Open” to open it.

After finishing all the necessary setting, click “Merge” button to start combining then you will successfully combine PDF files into one in seconds.

Next time when you attempt to combine PDF files terminating them scattering across your drive or anything else. The PDF Merger will do you a favor to make it a piece of cake.

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