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Combine two PDF files

Because of the great accessible of a PDF, now a wealth of information and data is converted into PDF files. And the big capacity of PDF guarantees you to contain various documents for sharing. But one point can’t be natively done with them is that combine two PDF files or combine many PDFs into one.

Basically, a PDF reader for you to view them doesn’t act like the Ms Word program that also serves as a processor allows you to freely add or delete page. This is not the initial feature that given to PDF files. So it’s not strange that some of you don’t know how to combine two PDFs into one.

Frequently, the question about combining two PDF files into one is asked on many forums as following:

Is there any way to combine 2 PDF files?
I have about twelve PDFs with lots of text and would like to combine them all into one file so that I can easily search all the text at once. Anyone can show me how to do that?

Usually the answers to the problem include Adobe acrobat versions. If you already have one at hand, it’s really a right tool enables you to combine two PDF files.

But for one who hasn’t got one, it’s a kinda costy and takes time to be expert. And just buy it for this affiliate feature to combine many PDFs into one is somewhat sketchy to success. You haven’t known a better solution to combine two PDFs into one more flexibly and conveniently.

combining two PDF files into one

combine two PDF files What you need is PDF Merger.

Assume that you want to combine several PDFs into one or join different desired parts of a multi-page file together into a new file or even combine two PDF files alternately. Sometimes, you may have two files which respectively consists of odd and even pages, then alternately combine them will revert source file.

Above demands all can be done with a PDF Merger and more details can be adjusted like page order, page type like odd or even to combine two PDFs into one more accurately. The encrypted PDF files are no different to be combined as well.

Follow tutorial up to combine two PDF files or combine many PDFs into one:

After downloading PDF Merge and installing on PC, open it. Then below main interface will appear.

combine two PDFs into one

First step: Import all pertinent PDF files at one time into the Merger by clicking “Add Files”. Then you can change the file order in the list by button “Up” and “Down”, since their pages will be merged in this order.

Second step: Set related options of each file in order to merge them as per your need. Select one file then click “Method” to open the method box. Then you can specify these settings:
1. Page range- all, odd, even, Part (2, 5, 3-7)
2. Page sort- sequence, reverse
3. Merge alternately by every (x) page or repeat

Combining two PDF files into one file is the easiest task for you with PDF Merger.

If necessary choose a filename pattern and define the destination folder.

Final step: After everything is OK, Click “Merge” to combine two PDFs into one right off.

Now you can efficiently reuse your file for archiving, printing, viewing or editing. If you want to read your combined PDF files on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Nook, any tech gadgets you can create ePub eBook from PDF files with a PDF to ePub Converter.

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2 Responses to “ Combine two PDF files ”
  1. Greg Said,

    I am a little confused as to whether this will do what I need for it to do. I have a single feed scanner and I need to create a pdf of an entire chapter. Doing it the old way, I must feed a page, wait for it to scan, then turn it over and scan the other side. Or I can scan all odd pages at once and then scan all even pages. Now, how do I merge the two files together and make the pages fit in order….odd page, even page and so on? I have heard of programs that can do this but I don’t know how to do it. Cam you help me?

  2. Yolanda Reply:

    If you have separately scanned all odd and even pages to multiple pdf files, then you firstly combine odd and even pdf pages repectively to two PDF files. Then choose the mode to combine pages of them alternately, therefore you will finnaly combine them into one pdf file in correct order.

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