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Converting PDF to Word 2007

The ubiquitous PDF files gradually pour into our sights and have become a prominent way to exchange documents. Every now and then we may want to extract text or image from PDFs or edit them. Besides, converting PDF to Word 2007 is an expected solution to most people.  

Why the Ms Word 2007 is a favorable choice to edit PDF files?

convert PDF to Word 2007

Firstly, Ms Word program is the first choice for people to cope with their document creation and editing task, so am I.

Secondly, the light blue window of Word 2007 offers us a functional ribbon with many new features to gain us more abilities and simplify manipulations evokes ideas to convert PDF to Ms Word 2007 for editing.

Thirdly, it first supports to make PDF from Word 2007 which does not appear in Word previously, sure, exporting to PDF file after modifying is at your own will.

So you see, if we can convert PDF to Word 2007, any editing process of PDF will be pretty smooth.

But the contrary way to export PDF to Word may be greedy of you to find in Ms Word again. You just don’t worry about that and here you will find a straightforward answer to the problem that how to convert PDF to Word 2007.

Have you ever got some locked PDF files? I mean the copying, editing and even printing in them are disabled by author. For those files, will you type manually according to PDF file from scratch? I believe in that case, if only you can convert PDF file to Word 2007, you will feel a sense of relief.

Don’t hesitate to use PDF to Word Converter to make it right now.

download pdf to word converter Get a PDF to Word Converter from download page. ( Wind OS & Mac OS X)

converting PDF to Word 2007

Quick tutorial to show you the immediate way of converting PDF to Word 2007:

After downloading PDF to Word Converter, instantly install and set up it.

Step 1, input.
Click “Add File” and “Add Folder” to add files.
Drag or drop from desktop to import files.

You are allowed to import your PDF files for either batch or partial convert PDF to Word 2007. That is to assign the converter to convert all files or specific page ranges to Word 2007 or any other version including 2010.

Step 2, process.
Specify output file format to Word and select desired page ranges as all page, page ranges (1, 9, 14-23) and current page that you can preview the page on the upper right window.

The converter can convert PDF to Ms Word 2007 for password protected PDF documents. In another word, it can be used as a PDF Password Remover. It firmly will remove a big stone in your way.

Step 3, Output.
Now you are ready to convert PDF to Word 2007, don’t forget to find a saving place for converted Word docx files. Click “Convert” button to rapidly get target word files auto open in specified folder.

Now you will find Word files are exactly the same as original PDF files without mistaken line breaking, graphics overlap, image fuzzy, etc. The PDF to Word Converter provides you a good performance of converting PDF to Word 2007 and complete it with brief manipulations of you.

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