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Create a PDF from multiple documents

It’s very easy to get a PDF file from the latest Ms office 2007/2010 version. If you have compiled a Word document, you can use the add-in PDF Creator to save as a PDF file contains all pages. Or you can create a PDF from a PowerPoint presentation and excel spreadsheet as well. However, you are not able to create a PDF from multiple documents.

It’s known to us that a PDF file can include a large quantity of pages from many different files.

Besides, PDF’s great compatible of internal as well as external expresses perfectly and make it preference for sharing documents in an unlimited electronic way.

So it’s not strange that we often need to create a PDF from multiple files. It’s the best choice for forwarding a file to others to view.
But you may feel upset when you save as PDF files in Photoshop from a lot of pictures that each page will be converted to one separate PDF file. There are many other instances that we are in need of creating a PDF from multiple files.

Next I want to offer you a handy PDF Creator to facilitate you to create a PDF from multiple documents in a professional way.

Note: If you have Acrobat suite, you can find the PDF creation function in it.

Download PDF Creator Download a PDF Creator software 

PDF Creator

The salient features of it prove to be specialized software to create a PDF from multiple files:

  1. It’s convenient to be done with it that no matter to create a PDF from a single document or various documents.
  2. In order to create professional adobe PDF files as you want, there are many customize options for you to set to get a satisfied output. For example, PDF security- owner or user password, image or text compression.
  3. You are allowed to create PDF documents in batch at one time, more precisely, after adding all your files to it you can either combine multiple documents into one PDF or export to multiple corresponding individual PDFs.
  4. It can be installed as a virtual printer to help you create PDF files from any printable documents via print options, the typical example is to save web page as PDF.
  5. Almost all popular formats are in list of creating a PDF from multiple files with the PDF Creator, they are doc/docx, ppt/pptx, xls/xlsx, image formats- tif/ tiff, jpg/jpeg, png, psd, ps, pcx, bmp, eps, etc.

A precise but simple tutorial about how to combine multiple documents into one PDF with it:

Before manipulation you need to download and install PDF Creator then run it.

Step 1: Click “Add Files” to browse through your PC and import all your files into the creating interface.
Click certain “move” buttons to place them in order of top to bottom and this will be the page sequence of target PDF file.

Step 2: Click “Options” to set parameters of PDF file that you are about to get. In order to create a PDF from multiple files smaller in size, you can specify compress options.

If you want to protect your PDF file from editing or opening, you can choose to add PDF security and there is enhanced Acrobat 128 bit permission settings for your exact necessity.

Step 3: Then before final creating a PDF from multiple files, you will be prompt to enter owner and user password after that just click “Create” again to get the new PDF file immediately.

Congratulation! To combine multiple documents into one PDF is not a problem to you. Moreover, with this PDF creator you can also combine multiple PDF files into one.

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