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How to divide a PDF file

A PDF file contains a complete description of multiple documents, image or text file or even multimedia file. Its great compatibility, portability and security make it undoubtedly the most universal format for document exchange. 

Frequently, you are likely to receive a large PDF file of multiple pages. But just some parts of it are valuable or you want to share parts of it with your friends. Then if you can divide a PDF file into parts, it would be nice.

Below is an example question about how to divide a PDF file:

How can I divide PDF document?-Jeffrey
Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail do not allow files exceed 10MB to be sent through e-mail. My PDF file is 13 MB and I am not able to email it as attachment. Is there any way I can divide a PDF file into multiple pages so that I can send smaller one without extra size?

Have you ever met the same issue like him? But you will get the best answer to how to divide a PDF file.

No matter the purposes to divide a PDF document is to cut down the volume of it or for convenient distribution or to get the desired parts. All that can be easily done with a professional PDF Splitter.

divide a PDF fileDownload the PDF Splitter.

The PDF Splitter is automated tool to divide PDF document as per your requirement, flexible and multiple splitting rules focusing on efficient splitting and assure you of management of PDF files.

How can you divide a PDF file into multiple files with the PDF Merger?

  • Divide a PDF file into multiple pages- you can define how many pages each PDF file contains after splitting.
  • Divide a PDF file by bookmark- click the “setting” button to see the bookmark structure/ unique keywords-Calls, Contacts, Messaging etc. Then find a proper one. Then specify a split level to divide it into multiple files. This splitting method is just suitable for invoice, delivery order etc.
  • Split PDF by page range to create a new one- for example, you type in the page range (3, 7, 9-11) then these pages will be included in a new file.
  • Divide a PDF document by specific page range to a group of files- split every page range that you customized into multiple separate files.
  • Divide a PDF file into n average files.

The step by step instruction about how to divide a PDF file:

The process can be concluded as: Import-> Select a splitting Method->Split

The basic thing you have to do is to download and install the PDF Splitter and then launch it.

First step: “Browse” your PC to import the PDF file or drag it to the blank area.

Second step: Choose a splitting rule and correctly customized the pertinent settings. Then assign a location for the new files in output setting.

how to divide a PDF file

Last step: After all the options are done, click “Split” to start processing then a progress bar will appear. Within seconds you will successfully divide a PDF file. If needed, you also can terminate it.

The PDF Splitter is easy to use thus the PDF file is easy to split at meantime. To get rid of additional PDF pages or make it into smaller files for better accessibility and collation, the PDF Splitter is the best answer to that.

If you want to combine separate PDF files into a large one, you can try the PDF Merger.

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    The splitter helps me to get the valuable parts from a large-volume pdf file, save more memory of my computer. Divide a PDF file easier for me, that’s really a good utiltiy. Farewell to bothersome…hahaha

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