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How to edit text in PDF file

I believe you will check your PDF file word by word before final creation. Because once you have created the PDF files, it will be very difficult to modify text directly within PDFs.  

Probably you are going to accept and live with that for you have benefited much from its excellent portable feature. However, people demand to edit text in PDF file in many inevitable cases.

For example, when we don’t have source documents or we are not the author of the files. In that case editing text in PDF documents will be a complicated task but this is also a common situation for us.

Actually if you can find an appropriate method to edit text in PDF document depending on your needs, the upcoming workload will be simplified much.

The Adobe Acrobat pro/ standard users must have experiences to edit text easier, since the programs have build-in text tool like Touchup, typewriter or other text edit tools therefore you can edit text of PDF files directly.

I would say that Touchup text tool will be the most comprehensive one to edit text attributes, for example, font type and size, line or word spacing, height and width scaling.

There is still another alternative to backup for editing text in PDF documents is that PDF Editor.

No matter you make minor/thumbnail modification or make large changes to a PDF file including editing text in PDF documents, the process will be rather smooth without knots.

edit text in PDF file

PDF Editor Download a smart PDF Editor. (Mac OS X & Win OS)

In summary, apart from edit original texts, you can also replace them with new words/sentences and add new text at anywhere you want in the page.

Below I will give you a quick start guide to edit text in PDF file with PDF editor:

Free download PDF Editor then install and open it immediately. You will get professional and standard modes, sure, either you can choose form-filling mode which provides a fast processing to fill out PDF forms.

1. Click “File” or folder open tab to import and open you file into the editor. Freely zoom in or out in order to get a comfortable view to edit text in PDF document.

2. When you click on the page, the original font properties will be detected and show you on the corresponding parts of toolbar. The existing text area will be highlight by bounding box.

edit text in PDF document
And then you can start to edit text instantly e.g. change font in PDF, you don’t need any special instructions to master how to edit text in PDF file with it. A range of tools intuitively show you what they can be used to do is a way like editing a Word doc file.

3. After you have made all required changes, just click “File->save” or “save” tab to reserve changes.

Yes, you will edit text of PDF files with ease, once you got a PDF Editor. Obvious, you will not only be capable of editing text in PDF documents, it also enables you to insert image to PDF, change PDF security, edit pages like add or delete or reorder. It’s totally a tool for editing PDF files all-around.

Other tool you may need to edit a PDF file:

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