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PDF is an open file format which is more secure, portable and compatible than any other file format. It becomes a preference for sharing and managing documents. With the booming of Internet, people will deal with PDF files much often than before officially or privately.

Occasionally, you may receive a large size PDF file but just need several useful pages of it. Or you want to share only part of a multiple-page PDF to your friends. So when you happen to meet these cases, you may wonder the method to extract PDF pages.

There are many problems asked about how to extract PDF pages as following:

Can I extract pages from PDF?
I have a 45-page PDF file but I only ask for one page to send to my clients. Is there any way to extract specific pages out of the PDF file to form a new one? Thank you.

Fortunately, software industry has produced a handy utility that will fulfill your necessity to extract pages from PDF as you need.

The PDF splitter is the most complete solution to empower you to extract PDF pages in all possible ways.

extract PDF pages Download the PDF Splitter

Not only can the PDF splitter extract pages from PDF, you can also recombine multi-page PDF files. All you have to do is to specify page numbers.

Here I want to introduce the 5 splitting moods to you. You can affirmatively find one to meet your needs.

Extract PDF pages

  1. Extract PDF pages by every n pages:
    You can design how many pages it extract by to generate a group of smaller files. For example, n=6, you can make two 6-page PDF documents out of a 12-page one.
  2. Extract pages from PDF by bookmarks:
    Select a level number of the command line and the imported PDF file will be split according to the structure of the bookmark.
    Customize the setting to split the PDF file more accurately.
  3. Extract PDF pages by page range (e.g. 1, 5, 10-21, odd or even):
    You can extract by specific page range from one big PDF file and all the selected pages will be reorganized to a new PDF file.
  4. Extract PDF file into multiple files:
    You can extract different page ranges from dozens of copies of PDF file to generate multiple PDF files at mean time.
    Click the “+New” tab in the Setting to add output items and specify the desired page ranges. Then click “Ok” to apply the rule.
  5. Split PDF file to n PDF files averagely:
    You can divide the PDF file into n average files.


How to extract PDF pages with the PDF splitter step by step instruction:

The first thing you have to do is to download and install the PDF splitter. Then launch it. You will get the main interface for extracting.

Step one: Upload your file to be extracted from your PC into the splitting panel by clicking the “Browse” button, the size and page range will show on the upper right.

Step two: Select the right split method you want from the options, and click into the settings to customize the detailed needs.

Step three: Click “Browse” to specify a folder on your PC to save the output file all together. After you get all the settings done, click “Split” button and the splitter will start processing your file quickly. And you will extract pages from PDF instantly.

You can also stop the processing halfway and then resume it later. If your document is protected by user/open password, you can allow for the extraction by typing in the password. Now you are clear how to extract PDF pages effortlessly.

If you want to remove the copy, edit, print restrictions of the extracted PDF pages for better reuse after splitting, you can use the PDF password remover.

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