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How to fill out PDF forms

Recently, a friend of mine asked me how he can fill in a PDF form on screen since he had got an application which is a PDF file and tried to write on it in reader but is no avail.

I think many of you may have ever come across the issue like him that when you want to fill in PDF files. Then you will realize that editing feature of PDF file is not natively supported as many other documents. Upon this circumstance, it seems that there is only one way to go is that print the PDF form out to fill it by hand and scan back to PDF file then email to sender.

This is a feasible method but inappropriate and cumbersome for some people who have no scanner or hope fill out a PDF form by neat typing. How nice it will be if only you could directly write on PDF form!

Here I am going to introduce a smart PDF Editor to fill in a PDF form on your computer screen. What you need to offer are some clicks and typing.

With the editor, you are able to fill out the blanks with text and mark the check-box or combo box. A cool feature to fill out a PDF form with it is that it will auto detects the fillable area and check-box. And it will save the data in the interactive field that can’t be done in a PDF reader.

PDF Editor  Do not hesitate to download PDF Editor. 

All in all, it will not be troublesome to fill in PDF files and make some changes to them once you have the PDF editor.

Follow the quick guide about how to fill out PDF forms:

Free download the PDF Editor and install on your PC then open it. Thus you can choose the Form filling mode for your specific need.

Step one: Open your form in the editor by “Ctrl + O” or the open folder icon or “File”> “Open”.
For file which has the interactive element, it will recommend you to plain it.

Step two: Everything is simplified! The plus text tool will be activated and detect the fillable area as you move the cursor over the form. Zoom in/out to clearly fill in a PDF form. You are able to modify the typeface, font size, align and so on. You can also create a text box to add text. For the checkbox, it allows you to mark it with X.

fill in a PDF form

Note: If you want to sign the PDF form, you can get your electronic signature from a scanner then insert as an image into signature section.
On the navigation, “Edit”>”Insert Image” then you can move it and adjust the size to fit in the signature field.

Step three: Soon you will fill out a PDF form effortlessly, don’t forget to save the filled PDF form.

If you want to protect your form from editing you can set the related security. “Document”>”Security”

Now you can email your perfectly filled form to senders and he will be satisfied with the professional adobe PDF form. Actually the remaining two other editing modes enables you to edit your file at all aspects. Hope this troubleshoot post about how to fill out PDF forms is what you are looking for!

Another workaround to fill in PDF files for reference:
You can make use of graphics editing program like Adobe Photoshop. The add text function allows you to create text box and type on it. But it takes time to implement more editing actions or it may totally rasterize.

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