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How to Combine PDFs

PDF files are ubiquitous existing on web or local drives. It is a popular file format designed to sharing electronic documents in a way of internal and external compatible and free available of different platforms and applications.  

And there are many devices support to import or export as PDF format, say portable device such as Kindle, Nook or most scanners. Therefore many times, the input or output PDF files are just too many for us to manage or to access, so we may need to combine PDFs.

However, you probably have no any clue about combining PDFs for they are seemingly just read-only files without editable feature. And the free adobe reader doesn’t offer you the tool to do so. Then what will you turn to?

Yes, the Acrobat pro/x is a good answer but it takes time to be expert. Moreover, it may not the right key to everyone’s door. Because the merge methods are limited, you are not able to combine multiple PDFs into one by intended parts of them.

Thus the PDF Merger is the “A+” answer of combining PDFs and labels it as an easy question.

 PDF Merger Download the PDF Merger.

Even to the encrypted PDF files with restrictions of assembly, it will combine them smoothly.

how to combine PDFs

The thorough merge rules it offers:

It enables you to combine multiple PDFs into one- hundreds of PDF files or even specific pages of them to combine into a single file.

It allows you to keep the desired parts of a PDF file-you can extract any wanted pages of a multi-page file to create a new one.

It can alternately merge PDF pages to make a new style file- it can divide the specified page range by every (n) page and then alternately combine them.

See how you can fix the problem of how to combine PDFs with PDF Merger:

Free download the PDF Merger, then install and launch it.

First Step: Input

Click “Add Files” to load PDF files to be combined from your PC, directly drag from desktop into the file list is also feasible.
You can adjust the order of them with “Up” or “Down” icon. And “Remove” or “Clear” unwanted files.

combine PDFs

Second Step: Select merge method to combine PDFs

Choose a file in the list and click the “Method” icon or directly double click file to open the merge method box.
Then you need to select page range- default All or Odd, Even and part e.g(1, 3, 7-15)
Page Sort-Reverse or Sequence
If you choose to alternately combine multiple PDFs into one, specify a number of pages to divide the selected part then alternately join together.

Third step: Merge

Customize the output name and destination folder for better management after combining.
After all the necessary settings finished, click “Merge” button ahead to combining PDFs in seconds.

When the merge completed, it will auto open the output folder. The whole process no needs any PDF reader to orient to certain pages and the precise classify options are at hand. It’s a more flexible, convenient and efficient solution to combine PDFs.

On the contray, the PDF Splitter  enables you to split PDF file.

More methods to merge or split PDF files:

Combine multiple PDF files

Extract PDF pages

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  1. moiper Said,

    I have over 300 scans thus combine pdfs is an urgent task for me, it’s better to bound them up before i finally sending them to my partner. Indeed the PDF merger is gratified. Without overlap and break and i did it in two times to combine all files.

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