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How to decrypt PDF files

You may have difficulty in printing a PDF document or copying some content from it or even editing PDF file with your cute PDF editor. What’s wrong with that? When you see the padlock hang on the upper left in Adobe Reader, you should realize that PDF file has been encrypted and you are disabled of some rights to deal with it.

This article will reveal you some tutorials and tips about how to decrypt PDF files.

Before proceeding to final solution, you can check and learn the security type of your PDF file:

a. If the PDF file can be opened in Adobe Reader, see the security settings by clicking “Document” on menu bar> Security, below is a screenshot from an encrypted PDF file.

how to decrypt PDF files

PDF files which are not allowed to print, copy and edit like comment, assembly, form filling and change with 3rd party program, are protected by permission password. A majority of people are in trouble of decrypting PDF file with this kind of password.

b. If the PDF file needs to enter password to open and view in Adobe Reader, then it is protected by Document Open password.

For PDF documents protected by this kind of password, even you know the password, every time you open the file you still need to type that password. It’s really annoying.

A professional PDF Password Remover is powerful to decrypt adobe PDF with all types of security.

You just add your files into the software and it will implement decryption process to them, lastly you are able to freely access, print, copy and edit PDFs as you want.

download Free download PDF Password Remover.(Windows OS & Mac OS X)

decrypting PDF file

Enhanced functions to decrypt PDF document easily

Instant Right-click Decryption
Once you launched the program, you can right-click on a single PDF file to trigger direct process to decrypt protected PDF. This will save your effort to drag file or click button to add document for unlocking.

Support Many Encryption Algorithms
The PDF Password Remover support decrypt adobe PDF that secured by Adobe Acrobat 40-bit, 128-bit, AES 128(128-bit AES/AESV2) and AES 256(256-bit AES/AESV3) encryption and Standard RC4 40-bit, 128-bit.

Decrypting PDF file in Batch
In order to remove PDF protection from many PDF files, you can add them all at same time to get unsecure PDFs at batch.

Keep Content Integrity
The unlocked PDF file will not loss any data, graphics, text, layout, etc, the only change is that the file has been removed all restrictions.

A workaround no need to decrypt protected PDF for printing:

Actually for PDF files which are prohibited from printing, you can use a screen capture tool like “Snagit” to capture each page as image for printing. And for obtaining high resolution printing, you should save image as a format which doesn’t loss image quality such as, PNG or GIF.

Tips about copying text from secured PDF:

To copy text from a PDF that is prevented from copying, there is a method that doesn’t require you to decrypt adobe PDF. That is to copy the page as image firstly then use OCR recognition program to extract text from the PDF. But the output varies by different OCR programs you use and the resolution of PDF itself.

All in all, using this appropriate tool to decrypt PDF document will be the easiest and fastest one of all solutions that you can find. It breaks the PDF restrictions efficiently and returns you an intact PDF file without any loss of data.

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