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How to split a PDF file

PDF (Portable Document Format) is currently the dominant format for displaying. It is a proprietary format that allows you to read electronic documents page by page exactly as the original files.

You will find that you are exposure to hundreds of PDF files when you either on or off line. However, you just need parts of a PDF or want to make a large PDF smaller so as to reduce the workflow. In these cases, the question about how to split a PDF file comes into your mind.

Below is an example about split a PDF file:

How to split PDF into multiple files?-Joey
Sometimes I receive a large PDF file (1000+ pages) at the office, whereas I only need a few pages for my reports. I would like to split the large PDF into smaller files. How can I achieve this? Thanks.

As we know, PDF files can’t be added or deleted directly.

Thus the PDF splitter with an extremely easy-to-use interface will be your perfect answer to split a PDF file.

split a PDF fileDownload the PDF splitter

Here, I will show you the usage of the PDF splitter and tutorial of how to split a PDF file:

First thing you have to do is to download the PDF Splitter and install it. Then an interactive GUI will pop up.

Note: The PDF splitter will split PDF into multiple files of owner-password protected files
directly. As for the user-password protected PDF files, you need to type in the password, and then PDF Splitter will split PDF into multiple files without any delay.

Step 1: Click the “Browse” icon import and open the PDF file that you want to split or drag and drop directly into the blank. You will see your file range on the upper right.

Step 2: Select a Split method from the five split options below.

  • Split by every n pages:
    You can set how many pages within PDF, it splits by.
  • Split a PDF file by bookmarks:
    It allows you to select the split level by bookmark and customize the setting to split a PDF file more efficiently.
  • Split a PDF file by page range (e.g. 1-7, 9-11, odd and even):
    You can split specific page ranges from one multi-page PDF file and combine them into a new one.
  • Split a PDF to multiple files:
    You can split certain page ranges from one large PDF file to produce multiple PDF files at the same time.
    Click into the Setting, you can add dozens of copies of PDF file to specify desired page range individually.
  • Split averagely to n PDF files:
    You can split a large PDF file averagely to n smaller PDF files.

Step 3: Choose an output name pattern and type in a basic file name. Click “Browse” icon to assign output path. Finally, click “Split” icon and you will split a PDF file successfully within seconds.

With above three simple steps, you can split PDF into multiple files which are more suitable or more accessible. Sounds amazing, right? Just go and get one of yourself.

If you want merge muitiple PDF files back into a large one, you can try the PDF merger.

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  1. amy Said,

    Split a PDF file into multiple smaller files by special bookmark-employee name is just what I want. I ask for my acobat, it can split PDF into multiple files by page range. The PDF splitter is really helpful! thanks

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