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How to unlock PDF files

Most PDF files can be copied or printed, even if they are not easy to be directly edited. But sometimes we come across some encrypted files that also prohibit us from doing so. Such as academic reports, network journal, digital magazine. So if there is likelihood to unlock a PDF file, it will be more convenient for your further reuse.

Some of you may want to edit a secured PDF file, such as type on it, modify image, add or delete page. This will be done with Adobe Acrobat or any other professional PDF Editor but you need to enter the permission password/owner password firstly to unlock secured PDF files.

Below show you a screenshot of locked PDF file’s security setting, you can check it by yourself in adobe reader like this: File> Security

how to unlock PDF files

I think in most cases, you are not able to contact with the author for the password. Thus, many tools of you to deal with PDFs are pointless. If you get the trick about to unlock adobe PDF files, you will get an almighty key to open many doors.

Another type of PDF security is document open password. It protects files from opening by unauthorized users. All above two kinds of passwords, you can easily add to PDF files while creating them with a PDF Creator.

To unlock password protected PDF documents for editing, opening, printing, copying, etc is the target of PDF Password Remover.

It empowers you to efficiently batch unlock secured PDF files at one time or create open to everyone PDF files from open password protected PDFs.

PDF Password Remover Download PDF Password Remover now.

After a short time and simple manipulations to unlock adobe PDF files in the main interface, you can get a totally unrestricted PDF file without a padlock symbol showing it’s locked when you view it in Adobe reader.

After downloading and installing PDF Password Remover, follow the step by step tutorial to readily unlock a PDF file without delay:

You can have a look at screenshot of the file security status after conversion

unlock a PDF file

Alternatively, right-click on a PDF file and unlock it without setting up the program.

Step one: Click the big noticeable “Add Files” button to put your locked files into the panel. You can input a bunch of files.

For document open password, it will prompt you to enter it then create new opened files for you.

Step two: For better management of new files after unlocking, please set an output folder path for the unlocked PDF files before starting to unlock secured PDF.

Step three: Click “Start” button to trigger the processing. Soon you will unlock password protected PDF and get unrestricted PDF files. Click the “Open” tab which next to “customize” bar to see your unlocked files.

In a few minutes, your hassle has been swept. Now you can forward them with any tools to cope with PDFs.

About how to unlock PDF files or editing a secured PDF file, actually there is another one stop workaround for you:

I want to introduce you a PDF to Word Converter. The function to convert PDF files to word documents, you can understand from literally meaning. But it will also unlock a PDF file while processing. That is to say you can edit PDF in word document with it. It allows you to either partial or batch unlock password protected PDF files for editing in Ms Word processor.

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