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How to insert image to PDF

There are many questions on forums asked about how to insert image to PDF file. I think most people have this problem when they want to add image to a PDF which is existing or lack of source document. As PDF is an end format, its non-editable feature serves for that. It means you can’t easily or directly edit it.

Before talking about this problem, I would say that it’s common for you to make a PDF file from multiple documents including images. You can either insert picture into PDF document as a separate page or embed it on desired place within the file. Just compose them in any editable files such as word, image, spreadsheet, PowerPoint slides, etc and use a handy PDF Creator to create a new file.

If you don’t have one, get a PDF Creator here.

Then if you are the author who wants to create a PDF file contains expected images or have the source file, it is effortlessly to cover pictures you want into a PDF file.

Then it seems more difficult to insert image into PDF files for people who are not the author of files and of course no original file is available.

Some of you will copy and paste PDF page into Ms Word then add image into word document then save as a PDF file. I don’t recommend this method to add image to a PDF, since you may lose layout and normally graphics, charts, tables, etc can’t be extracted. Besides, if the file has multiple pages, it’s cumbersome to go and you will find yourself in trouble again to merge them after creation.

Don’t be frustrated. As long as you have a PDF Editor, add picture to an existing PDF document will be a piece of cake.

It allows you to insert image to PDF file at any area you intended and even insert a PDF image before or after certain page.

PDF Editor Download powerful PDF Editor.

insert image to PDF

Compelling advantages to add image to a PDF document with PDF Editor:

  • More convenient to edit a PDF file- it converts PDF file into totally editable condition and many preset tools to facilitate you to modify content.
  • Support to any image formats- JPG, TIF, GIF, PSD, BMP, PNG, etc.
  • Edit image flexibly- Support to insert image into PDF file in bulk and you can zoom in or out the image you added to fit your need or even add text to image.
  • You can also freely extract image or replace an image.

Below is the tutorial to insert picture into PDF document with PDF editor:

Download PDF Editor then install and run it. Choose professional or standard mood. There is also a form-filling mood for user.

Situation one: In the navigation, File > Open and browse your PC to import the file you need to insert image, you can also edit text or any other content if necessary. Then find Edit > Insert Image to browse computer to add image to a PDF file. Just drag the image to embed on desired place and adjust the size as you want.

Situation two: Insert image to PDF file as a separate page, such as PDF eBook front cover or back cover, you can firstly convert image to PDF file with PDF Creator then add it to current file.

add image to a PDF

To edit PDF pages, you can add blank page, delete, extract and reorder existing pages.

Document> Insert Document> Image PDF
Then you are prompted to select the location of the page-insert before or after first, last or certain page. After setting, click OK to final add it.

Isn’t it easy for you to go with PDF Editor? With it you can add any image to PDF file and reuse the pictures in it as you want. You will add image to a PDF efficiently in seconds. If your file is passowrd protected you can remove PDF protection before editing or just edit PDF secuirty with PDF Editor.

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  1. Gloria W Said,

    You don’t need to use a pdf editor to insert an image into a pdf doc, but you do need Acrobat Pro.

    Simply open pdf doc
    Choose Tools – Advanced Editing – Touchup Object Tool
    Right click on page
    Place Image

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    I have Acrobat pro but still don’t work because adobe was made in hell. End of story

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