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How to insert PDF into Word

The questions about how to insert PDF into Word are frequently come across in our daily life as follow:

How do you insert PDF into Word document and edit or change the texts?
I have imported a piece of pictures into PDF file from my scanner. I can’t seem to insert PDF into Word 2007 to make changes. If I can’t do it in Word, is there a program that will allow me to change or add text to a copy? -Williamson

Of course, there are programs you can insert PDF into Word doc other than use another format to instead of it. Here I want to talk about some ways to insert PDF in Word.

1.Make use of Adobe Acrobat
Open the PDF that you want to insert into Word in the Adobe Acrobat window and then find the Snapshot tool icon in the menu bar at the top of the window (it looks like a camera). If your Adobe version has it you can directly insert PDF into Word document at the location you would like to place by clicking “ctrl+v” within the Word document.

2.Make use of a “SnagIt” driver
You can use a screenshot program like “SnagIt” to capture the parts of the PDF file you wish to insert into Word. Then captured parts will go to clipboard waiting for pasting and it is saved as jpg file as default setting. Namely, it will allow you to insert PDF into Word doc as image files.

Above two ways may be commonly ways to insert PDF into Word file, but haven’t you found that they all involve much manually manipulate which will make you end up with exhausted fingers. The former way usually can’t retain the layout, vector graphics, texts and images at good quality. The latter one that inserts a PDF file into a Word document as image files will not allow you to further edit in it if needed.

Hence, the first way and actually the best way you should consider is to convert PDF files to Word documents with a PDF to Word Converter. It will come to seamless combination after inserting PDF into Word.

insert PDF into Word document  Download the PDF to Word Converter

The step by step tips and tutorial please refer to the article about how to convert PDF file to Word document, read that to complete the conversion.
It will be done in a while even if you have a large chunk PDF files will be converted. Each PDF file will be converted to separate Word file for you to reuse.

Now that you have your PDF converted to Word. It’s pretty efficient, isn’t it? You can insert PDF into Word document now. Just copy and paste the content to the destination Word files. Or if there are a lot of texts to be inserted, go to the beginning of the destination Word page. Then go to the “Insert”, choose “Object” and then choose “Text from file”. The texts will be inserted automatically.

Inserting PDF into Word can be done in just two steps with a PDF to Word Converter and the existed Ms Word. You will not have nothing to do with the problem anymore.

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  1. bonnie Said,

    My adobe reader can export PDF as text file losing the original layout. It’s bothersome to retype or reformat it manually. I just don’t want to insert it as image file,too. It is not approve to do so. Thus insert PDF into Word as doc format is the best method for me. It is a decent PDF to Word converter as it stated. :-P

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