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How to make a PDF file editable

PDF is short for portable document format and it’s also a worldwide medium to display electronic document accurately. Another meaning is that the primarily purpose of PDF is to serve as an output or end file rather than work together with editable.  

So many times when we cope with a PDF file, we will wonder how to make a PDF file editable.

Basically, you can easily view and print out PDF files in a free Adobe Reader. And if you lucky enough you will be able to make use of those add-in tools to copy and export your file to editable formats. However, in many cases we do tend to make PDF files editable for it is not sufficient to read PDFs only and get some very limit permissions.

At present, there are mainly two kinds of methods out there for making PDF editable. They are converting PDF to editable Word and using a PDF editor.

Here I make some analysis to give you some suggestions to choose a right one depending on your detailed needs.

The former one is better for people who want to obtain the file content for their own use or make PDF editable when access to it or make changes to heaps of PDF pages in a short time.

The later one is especially suitable for filling out existing PDF forms and modifying them, of course, providing that you are equipped with an excellent one.

You don’t have to spend time and effort looking for tools on Internet to make PDF files editable. I will provide you with two good ones for immediate use.

download PDF to Word Converter Download PDF to Word Converter. (Win OS &Mac OS X)

make PDF files editable

Key features of PDF to Word Converter to make PDF editable in Word documents:

  1. Accurate conversion- it will parse the original PDF files and generate Word files with totally same text, image, diagrams, tables, layout, etc.
  2. Batch or partial converting mode- you can either convert PDF to editable Word documents for a slew of files or specific page ranges of files.
  3. Serve as a PDF Password Remover- it will autonomously remove the editing restrictions and execute the PDF to Word conversion smoothly to successfully make PDF files editable.
  4. Standalone desktop software- it has a concise interface with many customize options to simplify manipulations for making PDF editable and don’t need network support.

Once you have downloaded and installed a PDF to Word Converter, the hassle about how to make a PDF file editable will be swept off and you will get many merits such as copy text from PDF, get image from PDFs and extract pages from a PDF file.

PDF Editor Download professional PDF Editor.(Win OS and Mac OS X)

making PDF editable

Compelling features of PDF Editor to enables you make PDF files editable thoroughly:

  • Editing like a Word processor- a range of tools covering different respects to directly modify an existing PDF file thus you can easily write on a PDF file and add, delete or reorder pages, edit PDF security, etc.
  • Three editing modes- professional, standard and form filling modes, they respectively focus on making PDF editable for advanced editing or fast simple modification or filling out PDF forms.
  • Make you scanned PDF file editable- it has an OCR Correction function designed to make PDF editable even from an image-based one so that text will be searchable and editable.
  • Add or remove PDF password- you are able to change origin password or add new password to your file as long as you have password or permission to do so.

I believe you must have found an adequate solution here and the problem that how to make a PDF file editable will not let you upset any more.

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3 Responses to “ How to make a PDF file editable ”
  1. jojo Said,

    Thank you for two useful methods here to make a pdf file editable in Word or directly in a pdf editing program. I prefer the pdf to word conversion considering many cases I need is to do so. I will also check out the pdf editor for much more function to edit a pdf file.

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  3. Trudi Said,

    I have Windows XP. Can I use the options above to make my pdf files editable? My computer crashed last year and I lost everything including my resume. I found a hard copy, although it needs to be updated. I scanned pages of resume into computer but it created them as pdf files and I need to edit the docs. Is there another way to make the files editable? Is there a way to scan the docs so they are editable? Please respond.

  4. bettywood Reply:

    A PDF which was created from a scanner is image-based file, namely, the text, tables and all the elements are part of the PDF image. So I suggest you use the OCR correction function of PDF editor(http://www.pdfeditor.org/), it will help you recognize the text and make it editable.

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