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How to make a PDF file

You may want your files portable and can be securely displayed on different operation systems of recipients exactly as the same as the original. For example, you perhaps want to send your resumes to employers by email. In these cases PDF (Portable Document Format) will be the best solution.

Hence, more and more questions asked about how to make a PDF file in first place, as following:

How to make PDF from Word 2007?

I wanted to know how you can make a PDF from Word using Word 2007. I’m looking for an easy way as I want to make PDF files from about 200 Word documents. Also, how can you turn other files, like pictures, to PDF? – Viviane

Microsoft actually allows you to make PDF from Word document in Word 2007.

Make sure you have installed a PDF reader before making so that PDF will be the available file types. Open the document to be converted to PDF in Ms Word, click the Microsoft symbol in the top-left corner of the window. Then scroll over the “Save As” option and choose PDF to open the “Publish as PDF box”. A file name box will appear type in the name of the PDF file and tick “Open File after Publishing” if you wish to review your finished PDF right away. Finally click “Publish”nd you will make a PDF from Word successfully.

This method will be helpful when you have a PDF reader installed in advance and just several Word documents to be converted to PDF. In the case of a large quantity of files, you will be end up with exhausted fingers. What’ worse, if there are some more complex content such as vector graphics or pictures, the output may come to a low quality. Even you may fail to make PDF from doc.

Thus the most efficient and convenient way to make PDF from Word document is to use the Word to PDF Converter.

Word to PDF Converter  Download the Word to PDF Converter

Why the Word to PDF Converter is the best solution?

  • Standalone without any PDF reader like Adobe reader to support
  • Support to partial and batch conversion modes
  • Preserve the original layout, graphics, images and texts well to make professional Adobe PDF
  • Automatically convert in user-friendly interface involving few clicks at high speed
  • Support to add password to converted PDF files
  • Support to change PDF properties

Below are tips and tutorial about how to make a PDF file with Word to PDF Converter:

Step 1: Download and install Word to PDF Converter then run it.

Step 2: Add Word files to converting panel by clicking “Add files”icon.

Step 3: Specify the output address in disc and file names, you can also change PDF page settings.

Step 4: Click “Create” button then a window will pop up to enable you to add password. After save the settings click the “Create” button again to start conversion. Then you will successfully make a PDF from Word within seconds.

Now you are clear to make PDF from doc and the best way to achieve it!

What’s more, if you want to create PDF from any other printable formats you can use the comprehensive PDF Maker.

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