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How to password protect PDF file

Frequently, you perhaps view, fill in, copy, print or edit PDF files. And you may have encountered some files that are restricted from copying, printing, editing and even opening. But some files which are created by you or have already existed don’t have this feature. In the cases of important or private files, you are likely to wonder how to password protect PDF files for whatever purposes.

Let’s see a typical situation about how to password protect a PDF file which has been generated:

How to secure a PDF file?-Laura
I just created a PDF file from a word document by “save as” but was unable to add security to them. I have got some PDF files that are protected and would like to know how it is done. Thanks!

It’s very convenient now to make a PDF file from Ms Office suite and it’s common to get a file from word document by “File Save as” function. But it will not allow you to set PDF security as a part of it. That means the files is open to everyone to freely reuse. Then how can you password protect PDF documents like others?

In order to make your file safer, I want to show you how to password protect PDF files while converting or after conversion.

 For people who are about to create secured PDF files. What you need is a powerful PDF Creator! It not only enables you to make PDF files from almost all popular documents such as DOC/DOCX, JPG, XLS/XLSX, PPT/PPTX moreover web pages, but also allows you to easily password protect PDF documents by owner password or user password at your own will. Thus you are able to create professional adobe PDF files for better archiving or distribution.

PDF Creator Professional PDF Creator

how to password protect PDF

Simple steps for you to achieve it with PDF Creator:

Download PDF Creator then install and run it.

Step 1: Add all documents from your PC into the creator by “Add File” button.

Step 2: Click “Options” to specify precise settings including password protect PDF documents. Under the security option you are enhanced with Acrobat 128bit PDF security, thus you can flexibly pick out some permit items e.g. fill in form fields or assemble files on basis of general security.

Other options you can set for a nicer output: Font, compressions, colors, fast web view for faster upload to web page.
Don’t forget to click “save” to save your choices.

Step 3: If you want to combine all documents into a PDF file, find “Document” in the navigation and choose “Combine all”. The first time to click “Create” it will prompt you to key in passwords to secure a PDF file. After that, click “Create” again to pronto make it.

From above statement, you must have no any puzzle about how to password protect PDF documents when you are author of them. But how about the existing PDF files that you have no source documents?

For example, PDF forms, orders, applications. Maybe after filling some personal info or confidential data in them, you need to email to others. It’s necessary to secure a PDF file from unauthorized actions, right? A PDF Editor empowers you to achieve that.

PDF Editor Multi-functional PDF Editor

password protect PDF documents

Follow this instruction to secure a PDF file with PDF Editor:

Open your file in it then in the tool bar “Document”> “Security”. Then you are able to set security level and detail permissions as you need. For example, permit comment, form filling & signing. Remember to click save to retain the changes you make to the file.

Of course, you can do more to edit a PDF file- fill out PDF forms, add text to PDF file.

Now if you want to password protect PDF documents no matter you are the author or not, you will have no troubles to do so as long as you have good PDF Creator or PDF Editor.

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