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PDF Password Remover

PDF password removerPDF Password Remover is a utility to decrypt Adobe Acrobat PDF. It can be used to remove standard PDF security including owner password which restricts PDF from copying, editing and printing and user/open password which protect PDF files with password for opening.

Remove PDF password and restriction instantly and the decrypted PDF files can be opened in any PDF viewer without any restrictions and reuse with any other programs like printing, text and graphics copying, commenting, add annotations, form fields etc.

It’s the best solution to remove any types of PDF security settings, easy to use and achieve decrtption instantly!

PDF password remover  Download the PDF Password Remover

PDF Password Remover key features

  • Stand alone -can be run independently, does not need PDF reader like Adobe reader
  • Easy-to-use with user friendly interface
  • Instantly- prompt for entering encrypted PDF files to remove all types of security settings
  • Support to drag and drop PDF files into remover panel
  • Remove PDF password-enable you to get access to user/open password protected PDF files
  • Remove PDF restriction-enable you to print, edit and copy on owner password protected PDF files
  • Support command line decryption (for manual use or inclusion in scripts)
  • The PDF password remover can retrieve automatically after a stop or a crash
  • Batch decryption- remove password from PDF files in bulk at one time
  • Support Adobe PDF 1.0 to the latest versions

remove PDF password

If a PDF file is restricted with owner password, PDF Password Remover will initially find it and remove PDF restriction. Then you can copy content of PDF document, print the document, edit PDF files easily with editor. While if it is protected with open password also known as user password, user don’t need to provide password, the PDF Password Remover will prompt for entering to remove PDF password automatically

What we don’t do:

  • Please note that PDF Password Remover can’t find out user/open password and present to you
  • Remove other protections, e.g. DRM

How to use PDF Password Remover

Several steps involved as follow, it’s easy to go:

Firstly, download and install the PDF Password Remover then run it.

Secondly, click “add files” to import the password-protected PDF files you’d like to reuse or access into the interface. Batch decryption mode is supported.

The last step, click the “Start” icon to start decryption, and soon you can get the decrypted PDF files.

It is user friendly PDF password removal tool with an interactive GUI no need any more instructions, assure you efficient decryption.

PDF password remover Download the PDF Password Remover

Why we need to remove PDF password?

Nowadays when you surf in Internet you may find that you are exposure to multiple PDF files and sometimes we may come across some useful PDF material we want to reuse, yet some of them may be restricted from copying, printing and editing. In this case what we need to do is to remove PDF restriction. Or you forget the PDF user/open password of a valuable PDF file. The urgent can be imagined. Thus, in these tough cases we need to remove PDF password.

After removing password you can do:

Add text to PDF file

Change font type in PDF file

Insert PDF into Word doc

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  1. chaucer Said,

    Some PDF fles are authorized by owners that we often catched when I want to access to them! I never thought my PDF conversion would be so efficient but this tool really rocks!

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  3. generic cialis Said,

    Hi there! I fully agree with your thoughts. Thank you for blogging. The software helps me remove PDF Password efficiently. Edit them now at my own will! Thanks!

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  5. Wayne Wilde Said,

    As with all the PDF Password Removers I have tested this one does NOT remove the user (Open) password. You need to have that password and enter it to remove it. The ad states that it does remove the the user password which is not true. Just an FYI for everyone.

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  7. francis mapurisa Said,

    you are very helpful guys

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