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PDF SplitterThe PDF Splitter is a multi-functional and easy-to-use PDF splitting tool for extracting, removing, deleting and cutting PDF pages! It enables you to split PDF into smaller PDF files with different customize split rules.
In order to spare your effort to handle multi-page PDF files such as brochures, with the PDF Splitter you can split PDF file by bookmarks, page ranges,specific page ranges or split PDF files by every n pages and split averagely n PDF files at your own will. It also split encrypted PDF files to assure you of more efficient splitting process. The handy utility is useful for home users as well as office users.

split PDF Download the PDF Splitter

If you want to merge multiple PDF files back into one, you can use PDF Merger.

PDF Splitter Key features

Split PDF in all possible ways

  • Split PDF by every n pages:
    You can specify how many pages included in per PDF file after splitting. It will save much time when you cope with the PDF file contain duplicate content under same pages, say payroll to distribute to different people.
  • Split PDF pages by command line/bookmarks:
    You can flexibly select the depth of bookmarks or choose the split level to divide the PDF into segment PDF files.
  • Split PDF file by page range (i.e. 1-5, 6-11, odd and even):
    You can split specific page ranges from one PDF file and combine them to generate a new PDF file.
  • Split PDF by specific page ranges to multiple PDF files:
    You can extract specific page ranges from one large PDF file to generate multiple PDF files simultaneously.
    Click “New” in the Custom Settings, you can add hundreds of copies of the PDF file to customize the specific page ranges respectively.
  • Split PDF pages averagely to n PDF files:
    It allows you to split PDF by desired quantity of PDF files, namely you can split a multi-page PDF document averagely to n PDF files.

More functions for efficient and convenient splitting

  • Split password-protected PDF file smoothly:
    It support to split owner-password-protected PDF files (protect PDF files from editing, printing and copying) unimpeded.
    For splitting the use-password-protected PDF files, you need to type in the password, and then PDF Splitter will split PDF pages for you without any delay.
  • Standalone, doesn’t require Adobe Reader installed in advance.
  • Support to drag and drop directly into the panel.
  • Split PDF in batches:
    The PDF Splitter allows you to split PDF file in bulk with multiple split modes simultaneously.
  • Preserve the data integrity of original PDF file after splitting.
  • Self-descriptive user interface to split PDF pages easily.
  • Support Adobe PDF 1.0 to the latest versions.

split PDF file

How to split PDF with the PDF Splitter?

Step 1: First thing you have to do is to download the PDF Splitter and set up it. Then an interactive GUI will pop up.

Step 2: Click the “Browse” icon import and open the PDF file that you want to split or drag and drop directly into the blank besides.

Step 3: Select a Split method from the five split options or type in the Page range and customize the settings to split PDF file accurately as you want.

Step 4: Choose an output name pattern and offer a base file name. Click “Browse” tab to specify output path. Then click “Split” icon and you will split PDF successfully within seconds.

Why you split PDF?

Sometimes you want to distribute different pages of one multiple PDF file to different people, thus to handle the large PDF file which may contain hundreds of pages is difficult and time-consuming. Or you want to get easier access to the certain pages within a PDF file. Therefore, in order to reduce the workflow or make the PDF files more manageable. Using a PDF splitter to split PDF pages helps gain control of your PDF files.

Tutorial to manage PDF files:

Extract PDF pages

Split a PDF file into separate files

Put PDF files together

Combine multiple PDF files

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17 Responses to “ PDF Splitter ”
  1. roger sharples Said,

    Do you answer email queries ??

    I have sent 2 emails and as yet have not heard a thing !


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  3. Yolanda Said,

    Yes, do you have any problems about PDF Splitter? And which e-mail address have you sent to?

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  5. Garp Said,

    When clicking the purchase button for PDF Splitter, I am taken to a web page in which “4Easysoft PDF to Flash Converter” and “Extended Download Service” are automatically in my basket. How can I go about purchasing the PDF Splitter?

  6. Yolanda Reply:

    The error has been solved! You can go about purchasing as below.
    Find the right “Show prices” from drop-down menu then reserve the products you need or remove unwanted products.
    Fill out the purchase details and payment method. Then place secure order and the order is completed.

    The product will be delivered to you ASAP.

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    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)
  7. Abra Said,

    Is the pdf splitter free? or I have to purchase it to use it?

  8. Yolanda Reply:

    It is a lisence edition but has a trail version, you can free try before finally purchasing.

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    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)
  9. Venu Said,

    It is a green software without any bug and viruses. humm….the pdf splitter is really neat for my files, after splitting, the sentences, words or tables don’t comes to break and overlap. Just like a physical cut into pieces! Great!

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  11. Rod Said,

    Having looked at your sales pages and feel inclined to try your product can you direct me to the prices page – so that I can see what the investment would be before I try?
    Thank you Rod

  12. Yolanda Reply:

    You’ll find the purchase option in the trial version after downloading and installing the PDF Splitter, then it will lead to price page. And the price is very reasonable that student also can afford. Have a nice day!

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    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)
  13. Gil Said,

    PDF Splitter is easy to use. Price seems reasonable.

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  15. Nikky Said,

    I have to use 2, sometimes a 3rd computer depending on where I am. Do I have to buy separately for each? Also, since I will get a new PC soon, should I wait to download on the new onE?

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  17. Peter Said,

    I just did a trial where I tried to split one file into 60 files. Nothing happened. Is the software capable of that? I then got a meesage that your limit on a trial basis is 5 per day. I don’t know if that is 5 starting files or 5 split (resultant) files. I have all the data in the trial version. If it is for only 5 split file, can I purchase the product and then use the trial files or copy the information to the new version because it was a lot off work that I dont want to lose.

  18. DAVID Reply:

    Yes, trial version can only split 5 files.
    I advice you get full version to make it work for you.

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    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)
  19. Victoria Guerra Said,

    Please let me know how much you are selling the Splitter only and also the Splitter AND the password remover option. There is no space provided for same.

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    Rating: +1 (from 1 vote)
  21. Athox Said,

    1) You should not set the pdf splitter window to open in the middle of the screen. I have multiple screens that are not lined up, so your app somehow calculates the middle of the screen to be down in the corner of my main screen, so i can only see part of the title bar and some other useless crap.

    2) You should not prevent the app from being closed from the task bar. If I want it to go the fuck away I want it to listen to me and gi the fuck away.

    3) Why can’t I drag it around by the title bar? What kind of sick twisted developers do you have working on this piece of shit?

    Quite a good start for you. In the first ten seconds of using it I ran into these three problems which prevent me from ever using your app. Good show. You should fire your developers for being idiots. What’s the point of creating custom UI elements (that don’t even work) for an app that takes a file and outputs a file? It’s not fucking microsoft office. Use the default windows UI elements and stop being assholes.

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  23. Seacat Said,

    This is great!! Saved my bacon! THANKS!
    BTW (for the person who was having problems above) I took one file and split it into more than 30 separate files (pdfs) with the trial version.

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  25. Mohd Dimanto Said,

    I have downloaded a very large pdf file (850 MB / 1200 pages). I tried a couple of freeware pdf splitter. Those splitter are unable to even load the file. I tried the trial version of this splitter. Works great. Very easy to use.Took just about 1 minute to split to 100 pages each. I’m not buying because I dont think I’m going to do a lot of splitting. If I want to buy a splitter this one would definitely on the top of my list. This splitter is a very good one and has saved me a lot of trouble. Thank you. Best regards.

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