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How to put PDF files together

Creating a PDF file is relative easier now, one common way of it is to save as PDF file from Ms Office documents like Word, PowerPoint, excel. Or use a professional PDF Creator to integrate multiple documents. For distribution, archiving, printing or whatever purposes, sometimes you are likely to get a host of PDF files. If you can put PDFs together, it will be more convenient for further step.  

However, after several trials, you will find that it’s no avail to directly extract a PDF page and add it to another. And there is no tool in the PDF reader allows you to put PDF together. Then you will get to know that the PDF file will be closed once generated.

Basically, I think there are two solutions before or after creation of files to avoid or solve the problem about how to put PDF files together.

Former one, you can create a PDF file assemble all different documents rather than respectively to do so providing that you have a handy tool PDF Creator/Maker. Thus you will eliminate the files combine issue afterwards.

Latter one, suppose that you just received a bunch of files from others or collected many PDF materials from web or scanned many paper pages to PDF files. That is to say, you have to implement the steps that put multiple PDF files into one. 

Of course, if you are the licensed user of Adobe Acrobat you will find the feature to put PDF together in it. But to most people, the price of it is ridiculously high which is unaffordable.

Here I want to introduce a multifunctional PDF Merger to you. It is specialize in all conceivable ways to put PDFs together.

Extremely easy-to-use software with an interactive and intuitive user interface.

put PDF together Get the PDF Merger from download page.

See how to put multiple PDF files into one efficiently in various ways:

Download the PDF Merger then install and run it.

Step 1: Add Files

Click the “plus” button to add files from your PC or directly drag from the desktop into the panel. Batch files you can add and merge at one time. Even the encrypted PDF files except for open password files, it will put PDFs together smoothly.
Then the status of your files like size, page range or order will appear alongside. The “Up” and “Down” allows you to change the order of files in the list. Then the file will be merged in this order.

Step two: Select a Merge Method

Choose one file in the list and click the “gear” button or double click one to open the method box.

Thus you are able to put PDF together with these merge methods:

Merge multiple small PDF files into one large PDF file.
Combine desired pages within one file to a new one.
Mix PDF files alternately with parts that averagely divided by every n page.

put PDFs together

Specify below options to put multiple PDF files into one according to the method you intended:

Page Range- All, Odd, Even, Part (e.g. 2, 5, 7-15)
Page sort-Sequence or Reverse
Merge all files alternately by every n page or repeat.

Step three: After all the files are configured correctly, choose a file name pattern and output folder for the merged file. Finally click “Merge” to put multiple PDF files into one in seconds.

Haven’t found a good way to consolidate your scattered PDF files yet? Just try the PDF Merger then you will not have the question that how to put PDF files together any more.

On the contrary way, if you are also bothered by splitting a PDF file, you can try the PDF Splitter.

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