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Remove restrictions from PDF

PDF file has the virtue for reliable distribution. The reasons are that apart from the obvious difficulty of directly editing, it also has standard security settings. That is, you can password protect the file from editing, copying or printing and opening. Thus, many people have demand to remove restrictions from PDF files for multiple purposes to reuse them.

Below is a question asked about how to remove password of PDF file:

How can I remove a password from a PDF file to edit and print?
I have used a password security for the file for people not to edit or print, now I could not remember it, what can I do, it a company profile.

Above is a typical situation that we may need to remove password from PDF file and it is an owner-level password, this kind of password are commonly used by eBook publishers. It disables users’ actions of printing, copying and further editing.

In this case, perhaps the possible way around these restrictions would be turn to screen capture program like “Snagit” then save as images. But this way is only for printing. It just scratches the surface of the problem.

We actually need a radical solution to remove PDF password protection. Thus the PDF password remover is an enhanced tool for you to unlock your file.

remove restrictions from PDF Download the PDF Password Remover.

remove password of PDF file

The key feature of PDF Password Remover:

  • It can remove restrictions from PDF files which are restricted by owner-password or user-password.
  • It will batch decrypt locked PDF files at one time and generate files without restrictions for printing, copying, editing and opening.
  • The layout, text, images, graphics and all the other content of the original PDF files will be integrallty retained in the output files.
  • It supports to right-click decryption mode to remove password of PDF file directly in simplified steps.
  • For the user/open password that prevents unauthorized access to PDF files, you need to offer the password then it will create new files that open to everyone.
  • A standalone utility with an intuitive interface, allowing you to remove password from PDF file either on/off line without PDF reader.
  • It supports to Adobe PDF 1.0-1.7 and Windows XP/Vista/7 32bit

Several simple steps to get unlocked PDF files easily and rapidly.

Download PDF Password Remover then install and launch it.
The tutorial will be stated on the user interface as following:

Step one: Click “Add Files” to browse your PC to import the encrypted files to decrypt.

You can add dozens of files all together into the panel and it will remove PDF password protection from them at the same time.

Final step: Specify an output folder for new files. Click “Start” to remove restrictions from PDF documents in seconds.

Alternatively, you can right click your specific locked file to decrypt it with the PDF Password Remover.

After password removal, you can print and duplicate the files at your own will. The print and copy function will be enabled. Or you can edit existing PDF files with PDF editor which will gain you the capable of editing text, image, security, page, etc. Or convert PDF file to Word document.

All in all, remove password of PDF file with the PDF Password Remover gives you the key to the door.

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    Then I feel nice since I can freely copy, print, convert.

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