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How to save PowerPoint as PDF

Microsoft PowerPoint is a program commonly used for presentation. It offers you the facility to create dynamic PPT slideshow that incorporate with text, image, spreadsheets and even multimedia like animation or video. Thinking about the format with great compatible of multiple documents, it may reveal to another powerful format–PDF.

In many cases, we want to not only keep the diversity of documents, but also get them freely available for recipients. Then save PowerPoint slides as PDF will benefit more.

However, how to save PowerPoint as PDF is a question in the first place, below is a sample question about that:
Is there any way to save PowerPoint slides as PDF?-Eileen
I’m sending a PowerPoint slide via email and only want them to be viewed by others and not be able to edit the slides. So PDF format is a good choice, but how can I save PPT as PDF?

Actually the best way to save PowerPoint as PDF is to use a PowerPoint to PDF Converter.

save PowerPoint as PDF

save PPT as PDF Download the PowerPoint to PDF Converter.

Why the PowerPoint to PDF Converter is the best answer?

  • Create professional adobe PDF file:
    Well preserve all the content as original PPT slides and enables you to add owner or user passwords to protect the converted PDF files while transmitting. Compression settings to save PowerPoint slides as PDF smaller in size
  • Convert PowerPoint presentations to PDF files at batch:
    It can create PDF files from PPT slides in bulk at the same time.
  • Support to save PPT as PDF or PPTX
  • Desktop-based program don’t need PDF reader to support and you can use it either on/ off line.

How to save PowerPoint as PDF with PowerPoint to PDF Converter?

Download and install PowerPoint to PDF Converter. Then set up it and you will get the main interface have the clear tutorial as below.

Firstly: “Add Files” to the intuitive interface or simply drag or drop into it.

how to save PowerPoint as PDF

Secondly: Click “Options” to customize the settings of output and input format. For example, color, fonts and security.

Thirdly: Click “Browse” button to specify an output folder in your PC for new PDF files.

Finally: Click “Create” button to start creation and it will prompt you to type in detailed passwords. Then you will save PowerPoint as PDF within seconds.

Isn’t it smooth to go with the PowerPoint to PDF Converter? You just need to offer your PPT slides and it will take care of the rest in an automatically and professional way.

If  you want to convert PDF files back to editable PowerPoint presnetations, you can try the PDF to PowerPoint Converter

Another way to save PPT as PDF for your reference:

Make use of the “save as” feature of Ms PowerPoint 2007 or later.
1. Open your PPT presentation and click the Microsoft symbol, point to the arrow next to “Save As” and then click “PDF or XPS”.
2. Type a file name for the presentation and choose the “Save as type” to PDF format.
3. Tick “Open after Publishing” if you want to view finished PDF file right away. In the “Optimize” section, choose to “Standard” or “Minimum Size” depends on your need of quality or size.
4. Finally click “Publish” and you will save PowerPoint as PDF.

This is really useful when you just need to save PPT as PDF for few files, as you need to manually repeat the steps for many times. It’s time and labor consuming. Moreover, if the PowerPoint slides contain complicated content like spreadsheet, images, chart, it may come to low quality or even fail to save PowerPoint slides as PDF intact.

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  1. yamida Said,

    Yes, I had tried to save powerpoint slides as PDF files in Ms PPT before I use this one. I need to secure my file as there are some data that I don’t want them to be modified or reused by viewers. So the converter enables me to add pdf security, moreover get PDF file smaller in size with the compression settings. Pretty good!

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