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Save Word document as PDF file

I have an important Word document on my computer in order to send to others, but the Word format isn’t secure. So I am wondering how to save a Word document as a PDF file. The reason is that I wouldn’t like the document to be changed. – Sharon

Do you come across the similar problem with Sharon? For example, many people save important information in Word, such as resume, contract and so on; but at the same time, they are worried about being changed. Hence they want to save Word document as PDF file.

As a matter of fact, it is easy for you to save Word as PDF file. You only need a third party program to help you do that.

There are so many programs that can save doc as PDF on the market and from my long time experience of testing on them, I found this Word to PDF converter is a really superior one. It can meet the demand of saving Word to PDF file with ease. Besides, batch conversion and fast rate are pretty helpful when you have a lot of Word documents need to be converted.

How to save Word document to PDF file with the Word to PDF converter?
Step 1: Download and install Word to PDF Converter.
Step 2: Run Word to PDF converter, then add word files to converting panel.
Step 3: Specify the target (output) file path and name, you can also change PDF page settings.
Step 4: After all word documents you want to save has been added to the Word to PDF converter, Click the “Convert” button on the tool bar to start to save word document as PDF.
In order to protect the Word documents from being changed and copied, you can free download the Word to PDF converter to save your Word documents as PDF files right now.

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  1. Ronald W. Reagan Said,

    The PDF formta is more reliable and portable for exchanging files like contratcs or private documents. So I often use the Word 2007 to save Word as PDF file, but it can’t preserve images or other complex content. It’s really bothersome. Now I use your Word to PDF Converter to make professional adobe PDF. It performs really well! Thanks a lot

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