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How to separate PDF file

Perhaps you often download PDF files from web or receive them from others. And in many cases you just need some certain pages of a PDF file to reserve for later reference but you will find that you can neither directly separate pages from PDF document nor print to file with a virtual printer.

This will be annoying especially when you want to email it but the size of your file is too large to upload. Actually a PDF file is designed as an export file for distribution with so perfect feature of intact document description that even pages are sealed in it.

So separate PDF pages can’t be done, right? Of course not, this is the right place to find the answer about how to separate PDF file.

Some of you may convert PDF into word document then save desired pages as a PDF file. I have to say this is a feasible workaround to separate PDF pages providing that you have a good PDF to Word Converter. But I think you will also frustrated with the PDF file created from a scanner or an image-based file, since the conversion will end up with blank pages.

Thus I want to share you a tool. It is a one stop solution for you to separate a PDF file just as it should be.

separate PDF pages  Download the PDF Splitter.

separate PDF pages

Pick a splitting method from multiple ways it offers to you:

1. Separate pages from PDF file to create a new one- you can extract specific page ranges to combine into another new file. The PDF Merger has the same performance for this rule.  

2. Separate PDF pages into average n files-it allow you to split a multi-page file averagely into target n files.

3. Split a PDF file by pages- you are able to specify how many pages after separating each file will contain.

4. Extract multiple page ranges into multiple files- create many separate files from different page ranges.

5. Separate a PDF file by bookmark- select a splitting level to separate file by command line such as, number, message, name, etc. Especially suitable to split a file base on certain content.

Although it covers full-scale aspects to separate pages from PDF file, it’s also extremely easy to use and all the related options are out there for just several clicks.

After you have found a splitting rule to meet your need, you can implement the steps blow to separate PDF pages now.

Download PDF Splitter then install and launch it. The following interface only cost you a bit savvy to facilitate you to separate pages from PDF file easily.

separate a PDF file

1.”Browse” your PC to add your file into it, directly drag file into the blank is available.

2.According to your selected method to choose the related options.

For example, separate PDF pages into many individual files- click “settings” to open the custom setting box> click “add new” to add a copy of your file> respectively set page ranges of each copy for separating> click “OK”

3.Firstly customize an output folder then click “Split” to finish the split right off.

What’s more, you also don’t need extra effort to separate a PDF file even your file is encrypted by copy, print or edit password, it will take care of it with no different. And for the open-password protected file, you just key in the password and then it will execute your settings instantly.

Further editing your file for nicer reuse , you can have a look at how to edit PDF file.

A little trick for you- if you only want to store pages of a PDF file, you can use the screen capturer program like “Snagit” to save it as an image.

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