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Split a PDF into separate files

Sometimes you scanned a stack of paper intending to make it one PDF file per sheet, but instead it went into one big PDF. But you don’t want to re-scan, what can you do to split a PDF into separate files?

It is an ever-present situation that we need to split PDF into individual files, as the PDF has been the standard file format for documents sharing and displaying. A PDF file can consist of pages vary from single to multiple. And it can describe documents containing any assemblages of text, images and graphics independently from platforms and applications.

However, you perhaps don’t ask for all the content in it every time you receive it. Under this circumstance, a large PDF file will be a hassle to manage. Hence, if we want to simplify the steps to view or get the desired pages, we should know how to split PDF into single files at first.

Actually to split a PDF into separate files and print the only pages you need, you can use a virtual PDF printers like PDF creator.

Here I will show you the step by step instructions to split PDF into individual files with PDF creator:

1.Open the PDF in the PDF reader.
2.File (Alt+ F)> print (ctrl + P).
3.In the printer name (Alt + N) with down arrow to choose the PDF Creator installed in advance as the virtual printer.
4.Go to “Pages” (Alt + G) to type in the target pages. Page range: 5-11 or scattered pages 3;7;10 (separated by semicolons).
5.Give a name and define the output file location.
6.In the printer selected, indicate the number of pages to reserve, it will therefore have the same effect as extracting a PDF.

This way really is a bonus tip if you have a PDF creator at hand. While, some people may still wonder if there is any other way which expertise in splitting PDF files.

Absolutely yes, the PDF splitter will be the most convenient tool to split a PDF into separate files.

split a PDF into separate files  Download the PDF Splitter

It is professional for extracting, removing, deleting and cutting PDF files! It offers diverse ways to split PDF into single files. You just present your page range and it will do the rest for you automatically.

How to split PDF into individual files with the PDF splitter tutorial:

Step one: Download and install PDF splitter then run it. The main interactive GUI will appear.

split a PDF file into separate files

Step two: Click “Browse” icon to add PDF files you want to split from your computer, or directly drag from desktop alternatively.

Step three: Pick out a proper split method from the below part of the PDF splitter.

It allows you to split a PDF in multiple ways.

1. Split a PDF into separate files by every (n) page.
2. Split by bookmark- select a level number of the bookmark from the combo box and your file will be split base on the structure of the bookmark.
This rule is ideal for large billing, invoicing, company payroll and reporting, where a PDF file contains thousands of individual records to be distributed.
3. Split a PDF file by page range to a new one. And you can Select “The rest of pages generate another PDF file” to combine remaining pages into another file.
4. Split PDF into single files by specific page ranges to a group of PDF files.
5. Split the imported PDF file by dividing it into (n) average files.

Step four: Customize the location of the new PDF files in your PC. After you get all the settings done, click “split” icon to split the imported PDF file instantly.

Well done! See you will split PDF into individual files in a short time with several clicks and easy-to-use interface. Even the owner-password protected PDF files are included. Just get one of yourself!

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  1. Danievans Said,

    Excellent! I like the ease of use of this PDF splitter. It saved me a lot of time and money. What’s more, it works fine. The split methods it offers help me split a PDF into separate files more elatic.

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  3. Shad Said,

    Is there a way to do this programmatically with APIs. I have used pdftk and the burst command and it works well but I need it for a commercial environment and can not get anyone to respond to get a price, so I am looking for a different solution. Just an FYI this will be called from FoxPro.

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