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Transfer PDF to iPad 2

The iPad 2 is coming. Recently the Apple corporate released the new edition of iPad. Compared to the former one, it is thinner, lighter and faster. A Plenty of merits boost your surfing, watching, gaming and everything. It is a symbol step towards portable Wi-Fi world. 

Unfortunately, the iPad still doesn’t support to view PDF files directly. Thus, people who do opt to snap up the iPad 2 or have already had one may have the same problem about how to transfer PDF to iPad 2.

Actually you can send PDF files as attachment via e-mail to transfer PDF files into ipad2 and open it in the Mail application of iPad then you can view the PDF files.

Or you can directly transfer PDF to iPad 2 with iTunes 10 as following:

1. Launch it and connect your iPad to your PC
2. Add your PDF files to the iTunes library
3.After adding, sync the PDF files to your iPad
So you could read the PDF files through PDF reader on iPad such as the awesome one-GoodReader.

However, there may be some questions that you need to upgrade to iTunes 10 and at least iBooks 1.1 and the navigation of PDF files in iPad isn’t the smoothest and can’t reflow. Thus the reading experience is relatively poor especially for eBook lovers.

Thus transfer PDF files into ipad2 as ePub format is a better choice to improve your habits to read PDF files on iPad2.

Why? – Firstly, as the ePub format is the industry-standard for eBooks that will bring you an optimized way to view PDF files. Secondly, it can be directly transferred with any version of iTunes and organized with iBooks.

The most convenient way to transfer PDF to iPad 2 in ePub format is to use a PDF to ePub Converter.

transfer PDF files into ipad2 Download the PDF to ePub Converter.

transfer PDF to iPad 2

How to transfer PDF to iPad 2 in ePub form with PDF to ePub Converter?

Step 1: Download and install PDF to ePub Converter then run it. And you will get an intuitive interface.

Step 2: Add PDF files/eBooks to the converter and customize the related options for better result after converting.

Step 3: Remember to specify an output folder path. Finally click the “Convert” button to start conversion. Within seconds, you will get the ePub files in your PC.

The three simple steps can be manipulated in the easy-to-use interface without any extra explanation.

Now you are able to transfer PDF to iPad 2 as the flat ePub format with any applications like iTunes to sync into iPad 2.
Alternatively you can use an iPad ePub Transfer to flexibly transfer between PC and iPad.

The key feature of the PDF to ePub Converter:

  • Stand-alone desktop program allows you to make conversion without PDF reader either on/off line.
  • Preserve the images, text, fonts, layout and all the content of original PDF file.
  • It enables you to customize output font and background color, etc, so you will get the eBook as you want.
  • You can transfer PDF files into ipad2 for eBook reading as ePub format in bulk at each time.
  • Convert even encrypted PDF files smoothly to guarantee you to read PDF files on iPad2 without any questions.

You see to transfer PDF files into ipad2 with PDF to ePub Converter will simplify and solve all the problems about reading or viewing. Just enjoy the great reading experience on it.

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