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How to Turn a PDF into a Word document

A popular and commonly used word processor is Microsoft word program. We benefit much from it such as electronic file creation, editing in our daily study, work or life. Therefore, it’s the first choice and common practice to turn PDF into Word document for easily modification, editable archive and content reuse, etc.  

Due to the accessible feature of PDF files when transmitted across web, most info, materials, official or personal documents are created into PDF file format. So it’s not strange for us to frequently get so many PDFs and view them without obstacles. Nonetheless, many people come across a problem that how to turn a PDF into a Word document because of the non-editable feature of PDF.

There are many scenarios that we need to turn PDF files into Word documents. For example, copy text from PDF, typo corrections, remove images, add text, change the layout and even delete or add pages. If only we can convert a PDF to an editable word file, all above changes can be made smoothly by us.

Next let’s explore how to turn a PDF into a Word document according to different types of PDF files.

PDF file created from a scanner or images:

To turn a PDF into a Word doc from an image-based file is a typical instance. Because the text, graphics or any other content are not independent exist from the entire page. In another word, if you try to highlight the certain sentences within it, you will not select them out.

In this case, you need an optical character recognition (OCR) program to turn PDF files into Word documents. It can extract text from it. And the output performance relies on the PDF file resolution quality and the OCR itself.

For the rest PDF files including owner-password encrypted files and no matter how complex of the content. A smart PDF to Word Converter is the best solution to turn PDF into Word document.   

It has many advantages for either PDF newbie or professionals. The exact conversion of layout, images, charts, text and all other parts as original PDF files in converted word documents. Save time and labor to turn PDF files into Word documents in batch or partial. It’s also a one-stop means to unlock PDFs for further editing since it will remove the modify restriction autonomously.

PDF to Word Converter Get a professional PDF to Word Converter from download page (Windows/Mac OS X).

turn PDF into Word document

After downloading and installing the Converter, follow below instructions if you are not clear how to turn a PDF into a Word doc with it.

Step 1: Three ways to add files from local disk to the converting interface.

Click “Add Files” to import your files one by one.
Put all the PDF files that you want to convert in one folder then click “Add Folder” to one-time import them.
Drag files from disk and desktop directly into it.

Step 2: Choose the output type to “Word Format” and respectively specify the converting range of each file. You can select page range, current page and all page modes to turn PDF files into Word documents.

Step 3: Customize a saving place for converted word document then click the “Convert” icon to apply all the settings and it will turn PDF into Word document in seconds.

When the conversion is completed, a dialogue leading to output folder will pop up. Click “OK” and you can check them right away.

With the PDF to Word Converter, you just invest a little bit savvy and time then you will manage your PDF files flexibly as you want. Don’t hesitate to get it.

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