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PDF is a portable file format exists in a manner independent of the original applications, hardware and operating systems used to create or view the PDF files. A PDF file looks like a photocopy of the source document with great compatible. Moreover, it is more reliable to be authorized by owners the copy, print and edit movements.

More and more people lean to turn Word document into PDF to exchange their documents in a more beneficial way. Perhaps you need to send your resume as a PDF so that it can be viewed exactly the same regardless of OS. But how do you turn Word Doc into PDF in the first place?

Thus there are many questions emerged about how to turn Word document into PDF, as following:

How to turn Word document into PDF file?-Scott
I would like to turn my paper written in Word documents of 100+ pages into PDF files. How do I do that? Is there any extra program needed? Please let me know where to find it and how to do it. Thanks!

There are a couple of ways to turn Word document into PDF, but the Word to PDF converter will be the best solution for you.

Word to PDF converter Download the Word to PDF Converter.

Why the Word to PDF converter is the right choice?

  • Turn Word Doc into PDF maintains the originality of the Word documents by identifying and matching paragraphs, text labels, graphics, tables, and flow of columns ensures generated PDF are displayed exactly the way they were in Word documents.
  • Support to turn Word document into PDF in batch at each time.
  • The Word to PDF converter includes strong 128bit encryption and enables you to protect your PDF documents from copying, printing, editing with passwords.
  • Turn Word document into PDF file efficiently involves several clicks in the intuitive interface.
  • Support to specify the PDF properties as you want to design your own adobe PDF files.

How to turn Word document into PDF tutorial:

Step 1: Download and install Word to PDF Converter, then launch it.

Step 2: Add Word files to converting panel. Drag and drop from the desktop also worked. Specify the target (output) PDF file path and name, it allows you to change PDF page settings as well.

Step 3: After all Word documents has been imported to the Word to PDF converter, click the convert button on the tool bar to start converting. You will get the professional Adobe PDF files within minutes.

Now you have successfully turned Word document into PDF, isn’t so easy? You can distribute it securely and portably. Don’t hesitate to go for it and it will be a buddy of you.

Other way to turn Word Doc into PDF for reference –Ms Word 2007/2010 “Save as” feature

The Microsoft symbol in the top-left corner has the “Save as PDF” option. You can choose to it. A file name box will appear type in the desired name of files and tick “Open File after Publishing” if you wish to view your finished PDF at once. Finally click “Publish” and you will turn Word document into PDF successfully.

However, it will garble when the Word files contain images, graphics and tables and time-consuming and tedious to manually cope with a large chunk of Word documents.

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