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How to write on a PDF file

Considered as one of the most popular ways of sharing and creating digital documents, PDF format is used in a majority of files for purpose of official or private. It has many great features which allow the documents of owner are distributed accurately and securely. In another word, it is a portable reading and display format, nothing more. You may have found that it is difficult to edit.

While in many cases we use PDF files not only for reading, we may also need to modify them.

Thus, there are many people ask about how to write on a PDF file as follow:

Is there a way to write on a PDF file?

I am applying for schools and they send a bunch of PDF applications to fill out. Is there any way to write on PDF files with my information so that I can print out a typed copy?-Kelly

Above is a typical situation when we need to write on PDF document, actually the ideal way is to modify its source document then resave it as PDF files providing that the origin source available.

Still you can write on a PDF file successfully in lack of source document with the PDF editor.

With the PDF editor you can make the PDF files totally editable. It enables you to write text on PDF where desire. Therefore, fill out PDF applications.

In addition to that you can do more about PDF text, you are enabled to modify, move and delete the existing text and highlight, underline and strikeout text are included as well.

PDF editor Download the PDF editor

How to write on a PDF file with the PDF editor?

Firstly, download and install the PDF editor then run it.

Secondly, make use of the different tools, if you just want to write on PDF files. Just click the “T” icon to use the text edit tool.

A “cross” will appear to let you choose the part you want to write on by holding the mouse and dragging from left to right. Then you can write text on PDF like you do in Word processor.

write on a PDF file

More extra functions existed:

  • Edit graphics images and bookmark in PDF.
  • Edit PDF pages.
  • Edit PDF security and properties at your own will.

Don’t worry about manipulating it’s a user-friendly tool with self-explanatory interactive GUI. All the modifications will be done in the intuitive interface. It works no more than a Word processor.

Thirdly, save the modified PDF.

After making the necessary changes, don’t forget to proceed by saving the pages individually. It will reproduce to PDF by reflow the text and make seamless change.

Now you have successfully written on PDF document!

Note if you have had the PDF editor and want to write on PDF files which is encrypted you may remove the restrictions with the PDF Password Remover firstly.

See to write on a PDF file will be an ease with the PDF editor, the PDF file is in control of your hand!

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11 Responses to “ How to write on a PDF file ”
  1. allison Said,

    It is bothersome when I receive the documents in PDF form that need to fill out. I know I can print it then handwrite it! But in many canses, I was required to write on PDF document. It’s not difficult until I use the PDF editor, I think everyone who need to cope with PDF files should own one. :lol:

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  3. liliutils Said,

    It’s superb! I meant to find a tool allowing me to write on a PDF file, it does and actually it’s a multi-functional PDF redactor. I can directly change the content all around in the page. Thank you very much.

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  5. lisha Said,

    I have some typo mistakes want to correct after creating a pdf file. It’s urgent! Then I found this pdf editing tool to help me to write in a pdf file, just as easy as I expected! The text tool is preset and works very conveniently!

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  7. Nava Said,

    Fantastic tool, made the form filling chores easy and time saving. I can directly write on a PDF file like I do in a word doc and that’s what I am looking for. Thank you

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  9. hallitron Said,

    yeah this is actually solid stuff to help me write on pdf file with ease! Good!

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  11. Makanga Aminah Said,

    Guyz,its kawa using a pdf editor to write on pdf document,Try it out

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  13. Jkumar Said,

    This Pdf editor is very useful when i confronted to edit faster

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  15. Erin Said,

    I have pdf editing software that works on files I create using graphic programs but I can’t edit pdfs I print from web sites. I am trying to edit a pdf file created from a web page. Can it be done?

  16. Yolanda Reply:

    If it is a text-based PDF file, namely, you can copy text from it directly. Then this pdf editor can definitely edit it like which you are asked for.

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  17. shaun Said,

    is the pdf editor free?

  18. DAVID Reply:

    it’s a free trial version, you need to pay for this pdf editor.

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